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Hoi An International School offers a unique and inspirational setting for learning. With a lush green campus, our serene setting and diverse, highly qualified staff focus on best practice that balances academic rigor with the arts, sports and movement along with environmental awareness.

Following the Cambridge Programme for our primary and secondary students we also offer the Singaporean International Early Years Curriculum Framework and the Integrated Vietnamese Bilingual Curriculum in both our preschool and primary classes.
We offer a comprehensive educational programme for students. This academic year, we offer education for students 18 months of age as preschoolers to Year 8 of secondary school; we will continue to add one level per year for new and advancing students, all the way to Year 12.
Our mission for our students is that they find their niche and excel. With many fields of study available, including mathematics, sports, environmental studies, or arts and humanities, students may choose and find their unique passions and abilities at Hoi An International School.


International and Bilingual Vietnamese Programmes.
From 18 months to 5 years old.


International and Bilingual Vietnamese Programmes.
From 5 years to 11 years old.


International Curriculum.
Up to Year 8 this academic year; in the future up to Year 12.


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Within the university campus of Tan An.