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A Cambridge Certified School


Incorporated MOET Programme

Multi-Purpose & Green Campus



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A Cambridge Certified School

Cambridge schools are part of a global community working to prepare students for success in our changing world.

As a Cambridge-certified school, HAIS gains access to a unique range of teaching and learning resources, professional development opportunities, a world-class curriculum and a wide range of qualifications for 5 to 19-year-olds.

>30 Nationalities

Although HAIS is still a growing school, we are fortunate to have a rather large diversity of nationalities and multiculturalism and are proud to have more than 28 nationalities within the HAIS community.

Incorporated MOET Programme

Students in Preparatory – Grade 5 are taught both the Ministry of Education and Training curriculum (MOET) and the English as a Second Language and Science Cambridge International curriculum. Our Bilingual programme develops students’ skills in mathematics, language, and more while encouraging inquiry and enthusiasm for learning. Although the emphasis is given to global perspectives, our Bilingual programme embraces Vietnamese values and culture. We offer a play and structured inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning.

Multi-Purpose & Green Campus

Our grounds have been specially designed to incorporate spaces where students can gain hands-on experience shaping their natural environment while focusing on academics, creativity and living a robust lifestyle. The grounds are filled with lush gardens and feature large, open spaces, giving our students a place where they can learn in a safe and healthy environment. We continuously make the HAIS campus a perfect space to cater to every student’s interest and passion.


Each child is unique and as such, their unique interests should be at the centre of their learning. HAIS is in the enviable position of being small enough to be able to truly focus on each individual student so that they can find their passion and realise their dreams.


HAIS has an active and dynamic school community that welcomes parents’ involvement in our events and programmes. HAIS believes that the active participation of parents is an essential part of their children’s education and, thus, vital to the healthy growth of our school.

Our Focus at HAIS:

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A Balanced Curriculum & Environment

HAIS is focused on balancing the academic and personal growth of each child. Through our unique learning environment, we strive to spark curiosity in all our students so they may find their passion and realize their dreams.

Learning Excellence

Excellence at HAIS is achieved through the school’s focus on learning. Lessons at HAIS are both meaningful and engaging, providing students with a clear picture of what they need to accomplish.

Student Well-Being

Learning and well-being go hand-in-hand and as such, the well-being of our students is central to the vision and mission of HAIS. Research shows that students learn best in a safe and caring environment, which caters to individual differences and challenges each student to reach their potential.

HAIS inspires students in a safe and nuturing environment, so they can be …


HAIS learners are creative in solving problems and expressing themselves in innovative ways. Their ideas inspire action.


HAIS learners use effective communication skills in collaborative ways to understand and respect the ideas and perspectives of others. They inspire others and actively participate.


HAIS learners care for themselves and each other, emotionally and physically. They take action to protect and improve the environment and world around them.


HAIS learners are reflective, able to accurately self-assess, think critically and respond positively to feedback.


HAIS learners are confident to take risks, explore new ideas and to learn from their mistakes.


HAIS learners are responsible for their actions and inactions. They take responsibility for their learning and ownership of the well-being of their community and environment. They are responsible for leaving a positive footprint on our school community and the wider world.


HAIS learners adapt to changes around through reflective and critical thinking, self-assessment and a positive response to feedback. They understand challenges and actively work to overcome them.

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A Word From Our Parents

My two boys attend HAIS and are thriving. The teachers and management are supportive and student-focused. We live in DaNang but the boys get the shuttle bus as it’s worth the travel. The mix of curriculum, arts, sport & swimming, stem, the garden and extra-curricular activities makes this a well rounded school. We left the country for nearly a year and chose this school again on our return.

Awesome school….. HAIS is a lovely school for my 3 kids ( all in primary Year 4 and 6 ). I always wanted a school that provides personalised teaching pattern I’m very happy to have found one! The school is a perfect blend of systematised structured learning along with play way research approach . The teachers are dedicated and experienced. Hais always comes up with surprises when it comes to sports and recreational activities…from bazaars , concerts , participating in the local community….my boys are always excited to go to school and that’s what matters the most . The principal ( Mr Brett) and management are receptive, transparent and reachable anytime ….I am very happy with the school .

It is a pleasure that all 3 of my children are students of HAIS. First daughter in Year 10 class, Second son in Year 7 class, and youngest son in Billingual Playgroup class. Every day going to school is a happy day for the children. My wife and I are very secure when we send our children to HAIS, the beloved school. Hopefully, the pandemic will soon pass so that more and more Vietnamese and international students can join and become a student of the University with joy and excitement every day. I would like to express my deep gratitude from my family to Ms. Hanh An, teachers, and all school staff who have always been devoted to my dear students.

The best school in Hoi An and Danang! The campus is large and very well equipped there is no equivalent in Hoi An and having tested the other international school in Hoi an, I can say that Hoi an international school is the best. My two children 4 and 9 go there. The teachers are very good, a caring atmosphere.

We have watched our son grow over the last 3 years, HAIS’s influence both from the teachers and the campus is what we were hoping for when enrolling Toan. The knowledge both social and academic he has gained are inspiring. The school’s positive attention to students’ total wellbeing is what gives it the edge over others. The school continues its community growth and I’m sure it will be the first choice for parents when considering their children’s future education.

Thank you HAIS team for their non-stop effort to create an enchanting study environment for international and local students. Their campus provides safe, green surroundings as well as modern, sufficient facilities and equipment toward international school standards with a big organic veggie garden and a swimming pool. Their teachers and staff proudly provide a high quality of knowledge, experience, and care for our children. We as parents are happy that our kid comes to HAIS school with joy every single day.

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