At Hoi An International School we offer your child(ren) a learning environment of international standard. We focus on providing a holistic, student-centered education that is academically rigorous while at the same time nurturing individual talents and creativity and enhancing cultural and social awareness.

  • Our school encourages international diversity that celebrates Vietnamese culture, with over 20 different nationalities currently enrolled at our school.
  • Our passionate internationally qualified and experienced teaching team nurtures young minds for the world around them, to collaborate, innovate and inspire, leaving a positive footprint on their school community and the wider world.
  • The first purpose-built international community-based school in Hoi An, who pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly and equipped to international standards.
  • We offer smaller class sizes, thus affording our students more individual face to face time with the teacher.
  • Our curriculum is designed to challenge our students academically while at the same time developing the cognitive, social and emotional needs of each child. Our programmes teach our children to care for themselves and each other, both emotionally and physically and to take action to protect and improve the environment and world around them.
  • Bringing our community closer to nature through our natural outdoor spaces. 
  • We offer a comprehensive Extracurricular Activity Programme, that is available to both HAIS and non-HAIS students, giving your children the opportunity to cultivate, develop and refine their language, art, sport, and academic skills while creating lifelong friendships.
  • We offer bus services between Danang and Hoi An every day.
  • We aim to create lifelong friendships for all our students.




Our Bilingual programme helps children develop skills in numeracy and literacy while encouraging inquiry and enthusiasm for learning. Although emphasis is given to global perspectives, our Bilingual programme embraces Vietnamese values and literacy. Our qualified and engaging Vietnamese teachers share the Bilingual curriculum with our native English teachers to ensure that the students can learn and practice both languages concurrently.



HAIS offers the Cambridge curriculum for both Primary and Secondary. It covers a broad range of subjects including: English, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspectives, Art and Design, Digital Literacy, Music and Physical Education. Our programme aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to become responsible and independent learners. Students’ learning is facilitated on a diverse platform with scope for teacher, student and inquiry led learning as well as project based studies using a cross curricular approach. There is a strong focus on developing transferable skills such as problem solving, collaboration, communication and independent research thus encouraging students to be critical thinkers who take action.


You have further questions? If so, our friendly and knowledgeable admissions staff are always ready to handle inquiries in English or Vietnamese. We can arrange a meeting for you with the person who can best address your inquiries. Tours of the school are available anytime, but best by appointment. Visit our social media to get weekly updates about life at HAIS!

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My kids started studying at HAIS in August this year after studying at one of the highest-ranked international schools in Southeast Asia. I expected that we would be taking a step down in terms of quality of education, when moving to Hoi An, which was a sacrifice we were willing to take, to offer our children a different quality of life. I was wrong. The change that I have seen in my kids by moving them to HAIS has been incredible. The focus on each individual child and the encouragement given for kids to succeed on their paths is priceless. My eldest son was struggling academically at his former school but has taken giant steps in all subjects in the 4 months he has spent at HAIS. And what is possibly more important is that he wants to learn, he wants to read and is even more curious about the world than before. My youngest son is in the bilingual programme and he is thriving in 3 languages and developing his interpersonal skills every day. At HAIS, the children’s input and opinions matter and they are taken seriously as contributors to the development of the school and this is something that my eldest son treasures. Every day, my kids are happy to go to school. The classes are small, the teachers are incredible and the facilities are stunning. I truly believe that I am offering my kids the best education, by sending them to HAIS. The vision of HAIS is exactly what I want for my kids and it is exciting to be part of the process of working towards making that vision a reality.
Emilie Hjortso

I am the young mommy of Little Plum who is a student in Bilingual Discovery at HAIS. After researching several options in Hoi An, I decided to send her to HAIS. I think HAIS is the best place for my Plum’s growth.I highly recommend HAIS to any parents looking for international schools in Hoi An. Thanks you so much for your great effort. Keep up the good work!
Huynh Thi Kim Thao

After 9 years of searching for the perfect school experience in Central Vietnam we have finally struck gold with HAIS. The school could not be more amazing. The campus is inspiring, the curriculum so well balanced between Vietnamese/International.
Nadine Ziegeldorf

What I love most about HAIS is that there is a wide range of things to do. The teachers are really nice and give me a safe environment to learn and play. I love how our teachers challenge us in every subject, for eg, In Vietnamese we are challenged to speak a little every day. It is also really fun to have add ons like sports morning, DEAR and choir.
Joshua Elliotte

I love HAIS because all the teachers and admin are very kind and caring. I have great classmates. They all make me feel safe. I love that we learn in a fun way, are always learning new things and are challenged to do our best. I think we learn in a very different way from other schools. I love HAIS!
Nguyen Thi Huong

I joined HAIS this year and as a new student, I felt a little scared but the teachers and students here have welcomed me and made me feel at home. I enjoy the subjects I learn and I love the teachers. They help me a lot and support me.Joshua
ChaeA Kim