Who We Are

Hoi An International School was founded in 2018 by Tran Hanh An – an educator, a business woman, a social activist and, above all, a mother to five children. Tran Hanh An set out to give back to the community by running HAIS as a social enterprise. Her vision was for a school that employs a non-profit model and is geared towards community-mindedness, with a curriculum that, alongside academics, places environmental conservation and learning about different cultures at its heart. HAIS continues its commitment to being a truly child-centred, small-scale school that delivers meaningful and engaging programmes that allow all our students to find their passion and to realise their dreams.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Founder & The Lambert Family

Ms Tran Hanh An (Vietnamese) – an educator, entrepreneur and social activist
Mr Max Lamberts (Australian) – a businessman
Sam, Hannah, Jack, Jessica, Ray – HAIS Students

We call “The Lamberts’ Story” our school story because it tells everyone how Hoi An International School ‘was born’. Why did an Australian-Vietnamese family decide to move and settle in Hoi An? Who is Ms. Tran Hanh An? Why did she build an international school here? How did she do that?….All these questions are answered in this story presented by the Lambert family.

Our Principal

Our beloved principal, Mr. Brett, chose to leave his home country and start a life, with his family, here in Vietnam and ultimately become the principal of HAIS.

Featured on VTV8, he told everyone about his efforts to make HAIS a wonderful place for our students. The stories behind his actions are incredibly meaningful.

Our Academia