School Fees

The fees at HAIS include all books used in our school, the use of all resources and most field trips. Parents need to purchase a sports uniform. At the end of the academic year all students will receive a yearbook and both an individual and a class photo.

Students within the primary section of the school will need to bring the basic necessities including, pencils to write with, coloured pencils, a ruler, protractor (Year 5/6), compass (Year 5/6), scissors and a pencil case.

Children in secondary school will also need to provide themselves with the same implements noted for the primary in addition to a scientific calculator and a set of set squares.

School fees will be invoiced in Vietnamese Dong but invoices will include a US$ value for your reference.

Fee schedule


Fee policy


School Hours:
Early Years: Half-day 8:00am – 12:00pm – Full-day 8:00am – 3:00pm
Primary and Secondary: Full-day 8:15am – 3:15pm

At HAIS the school fees have been presented in a standard format.

There could be extra costs involved if there are cambridge examination fees to pay — checkpoint exams, school camps, or immersion programmes overseas. Parents will be given ample notice if/when these fees need to be paid.

A one-time non-refundable Application Fee is payable when the application form is submitted. This is to cover administrative and admission-testing costs.

The Facilities Enhancement Fee is used to continue the upgrading of and the purchasing of new materials and resources that will be needed and used by your children. It will also be used to send teachers to training courses to enhance their learning environment and to ensure that all teachers are up to date with current teaching pedagogies, as well as registration for academic accreditation and entry fees to events/competitions.

On payment of the Enrolment Fee this payment will be regarded as part of the school fee and this will be deducted from the annual school fee.

Sibling discount​: A 5% Tuition Fee discount will be offered to parents who have more than one child enrolled in the school. This 5% discount will be implemented for each of the subsequent siblings with the first child paying full school fees.

If parents already have one or more siblings studying at the school, priority will be given to a new sibling, pending available places for future enrolment.

Upcoming Events
  1. Vietnamese Women Day

    October 20
  2. International Week

    October 21 @ 8:00 am - October 25 @ 5:00 pm
  3. International Food Fair

    October 23 @ 12:00 am
  4. United Nations Day

    October 24 @ 12:00 am
  5. Parade of Nations

    October 25 @ 12:00 am