This week we unveiled our new emotive campaign film – ‘Be Part of Our Story.’

As part of our 2023- 2024 enrolment push, we will launch a new campaign film to drive awareness to our school’s unique destination, diverse student cohort, and safe and nurturing environment.

You could find it on youtube here:

The film officially premiered at the HAIS annual Open Day on Saturday April 15th, but will run as a campaign on social media to encourage enrolments over the next two weeks.

Ms An founded HAIS in 2018, with the goal to build a quality international school that balanced both academic and life skills. Today HAIS is a modern voice in education. HAIS is dedicated to supporting students to become confident, creative thinkers and leaders in a setting that is inclusive, diverse and community-minded, and we wanted to show this ethos through an emotive visual message.

The film’s concept was developed in-house by the HAIS marketing team, but was executed by local company, Da Nang Photographer – Etienne Bossot (who is also one of our parents) and Maciej Sniezek. The outcome is a campaign that feels cinematic and premium and highlights the distinctly historical and coastal positioning of our school.

While the Hoi An landscapes, sensitive schoolyard shots and layered soundscape ‘transports’ audiences to the location, the child-led voiceover of Year 5 student Amelia Mitchell provides an emotional hook and supports the HAIS motto of ‘Find your Passion, Realise your Dream’.


In the film, HAIS was able to promote some of our newer features including upgraded music and recording studio and art rooms.

Director of Marketing at HAIS Sophie Todter said, “Our goals for the film were twofold. We wanted to tell our brand story in a creative and immersive way that ‘transported’ audiences to the Hoi An region. And we wanted to create something that our HAIS staff, students and parent community felt a connection with and would be proud to share themselves.”

A clip of the film can be seen: Click here.

We encourage families to share the film across social media.