5/9 Da Nang City is to apply anti-epidemic measures in the area as follows

Further advice from the Da Nang Government has been circulated regarding the current COVID-19 situation and precautionary measures in place for Da Nang.

The following measures will be put in place from 0:00 September 05, 2020 until further notice, to help contain further outbreak.

Da Nang City is to apply anti-epidemic measures in the area as follows:

  1. People are encouraged to remain at home and practice general safety and protection against Covid-19 including…
    • Keeping a distance of 1 metre;
    • Wearing a mask and sanitising hands regularly;
    • Not gathering in crowds of more than 20 people.
  1. The following activities are to continue to remain suspended:
    • Cultural and religious events, sporting events, festivals, conferences, etc… with a concentration of more than 20 people;
    • Going to entertainment areas, bars, movie theatres, beauty establishments, discos;
    • Activities of tourism and travel services;
    • Indoor sports activities and direct-contact sports;
    • Going to restaurants (take away/delivery allowed only);
    • All education and training activities;
    • Passenger transport on passenger transport routes to and from localities where Covid-19 is present. 
  1. Transport is limited to ½ the capacity of the vehicle. 
  1. Residents must continue to utilise their “shopping pass” once every 3 days.

Please stay safe and we will continue to provide any updates as they come through.

Kind Regards,

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