Social Responsibility

HAIS is a community-minded school. We strive to take action at every opportunity, in supporting the Hoi An community and society as a whole.

Fun Run for Education

It takes each and every person to help build a community and on November 28, 2019 the HAIS community displayed great solidarity in support of a charitable project hosted by our very own Grade 5 HAIS Inspirational Learner, Jade. 

Jade organized a charity event, “Jade’s Fun Run for Education”. This project required her to develop organization and communication skills to prepare for the event. She worked with members of the HAIS community to allow for space and time at HAIS for the run. She presented confidently in front of the whole school, encouraging them to take part, and get donations to help support her cause.

Jade also came up with other creative solutions that could help contribute to her fundraising. As the Holiday Bazaar approached she saw an opportunity to sell jewelry, so she founded the business, “Jade’s Jewels”. 

Through her efforts and collaboration with the HAIS community, Jade was able to significantly surpass her goal. She showed persistence and dedication and continued to push for more, even after she reached her goal. Originally, she was planning on raising enough money to send three girls to school for one year. In the end, she was able to raise 70 million VND, which is enough to send five children to school for two years.   


Hoi An Holiday Bazaar 2019

What can we say, we genuinely have such an amazing community here at HAIS. The 2nd Hoi An International School Holiday Bazaar was a HUGE success thanks to the contribution of HAIS parents, our organizing committee, and our HAIS teachers and staff. 

We raised 48,160,000 VND for Children’s Education Fund. 


Be Strong Hoi An!

When Covid-19 resurged in Central Vietnam, those of us who live here in Hoi An all knew that our home town was in need of help.

The Song Foundation, through the campaign “Be Strong Hoi An”, called for donations and medical supplies to send to the hospitals in Quang Nam and other locations where supplies where needed. Being advocates for the social cause, Ms Tran Hanh An – Founder and CEO of HAIS together with other HAIS parents raised funds and coordinated many sponsoring activities from people all across Vietnam to provide the urgent support for hospitals and other places in need.

Since the start of raising funds for Be Strong Hoi An, until August 13, 2020, the campaign received almost 500,000,000 VND.

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