Drama at HAIS

Drama fosters a “teamwork spirit” as students learn to work together, to share confidently, to laugh and participate together, and to listen and watch others with empathy and compassion.

Drama gives students the opportunity to enact and understand drama, recognising it as a practical art form in which ideas and meaning are communicated to an audience through choices of form, style and convention.

What will students learn?

  • To apply knowledge and understanding when making, performing and responding to drama;
  • To explore performance texts, understanding their social, cultural and historical contexts including the theatrical conventions of the period in which they were created;
  • To develop a range of theatrical skills and apply them to create performances;
  • To work collaboratively to generate, develop and communicate ideas;
  • To develop as creative, effective, independent and reflective students, able to make informed choices in process and performance;
  • To contribute as an individual to a theatrical performance;
  • To reflect on and evaluate their own work and that of others;
  • To develop an awareness and understanding of the roles and processes undertaken in contemporary professional theatre practice;
  • To adopt safe working practices.
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