There is no doubt that education plays a crucial role in equipping individual students with commerce skills, particularly in our rapidly evolving digital world.

At HAIS, our Cambridge curriculum includes the opportunity for students to study Commerce, and yes, it’s a subject about finance and business – but do you know what? When you work out what you really want to do with your life, the skills of commerce are lifelong and highly valuable and cross over into all manner of passions and subjects.


A commerce education at HAIS goes beyond traditions of business studies, and focuses on contemporary practices including modern marketing strategies, how to promote a business effectively, and how to identify and understand your target audience.

This term, our Year 9 Commerce students took the process of coming up with a business concept and bringing it to fruition. Students were put into groups and tasked with coming up with a practical food and beverage business idea to run at school. The three teams created their food stalls; ‘Hangry’, ‘Chunks Chocolate’, and 2nd Brekkie’. They even learnt about the importance of food safety and each business wrote and submitted a food safety policy in order to operate!

When selling week came around, students were on campus as early as 6:20 AM to set up and be ready to sell breakfast to the whole school. From Early Year’s through to A Level, as well as all teachers and staff – there were queue’s of foodie enthusiasts eager to buy breakfast served by our keen entrepreneurs.

When it was all over, our Year 9 students completed a profit and loss statement and paid their company tax. All businesses made a profit (win!).

Reflecting on the experience, Year 9 student Kathy said that you definitely “need a very flexible and creative mindset, and one that is filled with ideas and passion” to run a business.

Student Alex said; “It was a cool experience to sell stuff and earn our own money and I would do it all over again with some improvements.”

All in all, by gaining these skills, our Year 9 Commerce students are now more prepared to navigate the competitive landscape of business and contribute to the success of running a commercial company in a contemporary world.