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Why choose HAIS?

Find Your Passion, Realize Your Dream.

“Each child is naturally curious about the world around them. At HAIS, we pride ourselves on helping them to find and comprehend this curiosity, guiding them on their own individual journey of growth and self-discovery to realizing ‘their dreams’.

Each child is unique and as such, their unique interests should be at the centre of their learning. HAIS is in the enviable position of being small enough to be able to truly focus on each individual student so that they can find their passion and realize their dreams.”

HAIS focus:

A Balanced Curriculum & Environment

HAIS is focused on balancing the academic and personal growth of each child. Through our unique learning environment, we strive to spark curiosity in all our students so they may find their passion and realize their dreams.

Learning Excellence

Excellence at HAIS is achieved through the school’s focus on learning. Lessons at HAIS are both meaningful and engaging, providing students with a clear picture of what they need to accomplish.

Student Well-Being

Learning and well-being go hand-in-hand and as such, the well-being of our students is central to the vision and mission of HAIS. Research shows that students learn best in a safe and caring environment, which caters to individual differences and challenges each student to reach their potential.

We inspire students in a safe and nuturing environment, so they can be …


HAIS learners are creative in solving problems and expressing themselves in innovative ways. Their ideas inspire action.


HAIS learners use effective communication skills in collaborative ways to understand and respect the ideas and perspectives of others. They inspire others and actively participate.


HAIS learners care for themselves and each other, emotionally and physically. They take action to protect and improve the environment and world around them.


HAIS learners are reflective, able to accurately self-assess, think critically and respond positively to feedback.


HAIS learners are confident to take risks, explore new ideas and to learn from their mistakes.


HAIS learners are responsible for their actions and inactions. They take responsibility for their learning and ownership of the well-being of their community and environment. They are responsible for leaving a positive footprint on our school community and the wider world.

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