Our Learning Enhancement programme aims to meet the needs of all students and ensure that they are taught in a way that they learn best. A range of strategies and resources will be used throughout the school to enhance their learning experiences, create successful learners and build the foundations for lifelong learning.

Some students may experience challenges as they move through school, which can affect the way they learn and progress. At HAIS we strive to identify these challenges early and work together with parents to overcome them, so all our students can be successful. These challenges could be in relation to language acquisition, academic skills, social and emotional needs or being gifted and talented.

Students may need more individual support. If you think your child may need this type of support, please contact the Learning Enhancement Coordinator for a consultation.

1. English as an Additional Language

Each student’s English language ability will be assessed during the admissions process to identify their level of English acquisition and knowledge. Those identified as requiring additional support will be provided with skilled individual support at the required level.

2. Academic Skills

A range of support is available to allow all our students to progress academically, including differentiation within the class, small group interventions and individual support. However, some students may require a higher level of support which would be provided by a parent funded 1:1 aid. Please contact the school for more information on this.

3. Social and Emotional Support

HAIS cares about the whole child and considers social and emotional well-being to be an important part of school life. Our teachers discuss emotional health in an age-appropriate manner and help students to develop a range of strategies for self-regulation. Some children may require specialist support in this area and the school is happy to facilitate support sessions with a suitable professional.

HAIS Bilingual Early Years

4. Gifted and Talented

HAIS provides a range of exciting extension activities for gifted and talented students, both within the school day and as part of the ECA programme. This will include international competitions, like the Primary Maths Challenge, which will stretch the most able mathematicians in school, which provides students with the opportunity to work with other students across the school to solve complex problems and devise ways to present their ideas creatively.

5. School Counsellor

At HAIS, we have a school counsellor to further support students’ social and emotional needs. The school counsellor advocates for student well-being and works to ensure that students are well supported at school. The counsellor will be working closely with teachers to assist students in developing the skills needed to navigate any obstacles they may face throughout their educational careers. Students can request to see the school counsellor or may be referred by a peer, parent, or teacher.