After School Activities

Our exciting list of activities on offer for the second term.

The ASAs will start running on January 21st and finish April 12th with a break for Tet Holidays (off from January 31st and resume on February 14th).
All activities will run from 4.00pm to 5.00pm.

Movie and Digital Photography

Teacher: Mr Godfrey
Age 9 to 14

Weekly theme : Story of my life, Nature, Fashion, Food and drinks, My community, etc.
Requirement – Personal Digital Camera

Girl’s Soccer

Teacher: Ms Michelle
Age 7 to 12

Goal! Come out and learn how to play soccer. These sessions will focus on skill building and friendly matches


Teacher: Ms Jillian
Age 5 to 7

Join this class to create some magical pieces of art. Students will take home all of their creations at the end of the sessions.

Library Club

Teacher: Ms Melissa
Age 2 to 5

We’ll meet for board games, books and fun! This will be a great opportunity for the youngest students to visit our beautiful library space.

Swing Dance

Teachers: Cool Kidz Group
Age 8 to 13

Lindy Hop and swing your way into our dance studio. Learn the classic dance from the 1920’s with the Swing Cool Kidz dance club.

Upcycle Art

Teacher: Ms Jillian
Age 5 to 7

Using commonly thrown away household items, create beautiful art. Turn a detergent bottle into a fish sculpture, or a water bottle into a fountain.


Teacher: Mr Jeff
Age 6 to 9

It’s your serve!
Come out and learns basic badminton skills. Students will learn the rules of the games and the skills to be able to play.

Circus Club

Teacher: Mr Henry
Age 8 to 14

Flipped out for acrobatics? This is the club for you! Join a professional acrobat in learning balance moves, building your core strength and learn to juggle.


Teacher: Ms Clara
Ages 5 to 7

Bring your positive attitude to the ballet lessons at HAIS. Learn the ABCs of this classical dance, Allégro, Balancé, Chassé…

African Drumming

Teacher: Mr Dramane
Age 5 and above

Join this class to learn traditional rhythms of West Africa on a variety of percussion instruments such as djembes, gourd shakers and more.

Tap Dancing

Teacher: Ms Clara
Age 8 to 12

Shuffle ball change your way into our performance space and make some delightful noise with your feet!

World Cuisine

Teacher: Ms Van
Age 5 and above

Come along and experience different traditions and dining styles as we prepare and cook traditional food from around the world.

Visual Arts

Teacher: Miss Amanda
Ages 8 to 13

Get creative!
Join in creating a wide variety of beautiful art pieces for display. You will have the opportunity to work with materials such as paint, charcoal, pastels and more.

Beads Beads Beads

Teacher: Mr Dramane
Age 5 to 8

Learn the art of beading. You will make bracelets and necklaces using traditional West African materials and patterns.


Teacher: Mr Chris
Age 8 to 13

Time for Hoops!
Come out and learn the basics of basketball. Learn how to ball handle, shoot and move on the court. Also learn the rules of the games so you can play!

Circus Club

Teacher: Mr Henry
Age 5 to 7

Flipped out for acrobatics? This is the club for you! Join a professional acrobat in learning balance moves, building your core strength and learn to juggle.

Dance and Movement

Teacher: Ms Jillian
Age 2 to 5

Get your wiggles out. A class especially designed for our little learners with a focus on dance and movement games such as musical chairs, frozen statues and other games that focus on gross motor skills.

African Dance

Teachers: Mr Dramane, Mr Ethan
Age 8 to 12

Learn traditional African dance moves while following the beat of a djembe.

Sign Up!

To sign up for after school activities please click here to access the Google Form.
You may sign up for as many activities as you like, but only one on each day.

Price for the Term 2 ASAs:
HAIS students – 1.200.000VND per activity (Each activity runs 10 times)
Outside students – 1.500.000VND per activity (Each activity runs 10 times)

Some ASAs may have an additional cost for consumable supplies.

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Upcoming Events
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    January 30 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  2. Book Week

    February 25 @ 8:00 am - March 1 @ 5:00 pm
  3. Parents Coffee Morning at 9 Grains

    March 5 @ 8:30 am - 10:00 am