At HAIS, we know that the safety of our students extends beyond the classroom. That’s why we’ve taken extra care to ensure that our parking facilities are safe and secure for all members of our community.

Our very helpful Media Club students helped us recreate the ‘Abbey Road’ album cover, and we think, ‘with a little help from your friends’ at HAIS, you can park with confidence and peace of mind.

Message below from Head of Administration & Operations, Ms Anna.

Dear Parents, 

You might have noticed some exciting new changes if you popped by the campus already and we would like to inform you that after two weeks of observation and feedback, we have adjusted traffic and parking flow, as outlined below.

  • Travelling to and from School

It is required that all traffic slows down to 10 km per hour from the Street Access Gate to ensure the safety of students, parents, staff and members of the public.


Follow the directions given by the security personnel at all times.

  • Parking & Walking-Only Zone

All cars must be parked in the three parking areas.

1. On the right-hand side of the canteen:

2. On the left-hand side of the automated street access gate:

3. Opposite the gym:

*As shown in the video attached, car parking will be “rear to kerb”, so you are facing the road when you leave and obstacles are visible.

While parking your vehicle, please ensure the space is equally balanced from both sides of the vehicle. If the parking space is limited during peak hours, parents can park on Phan Bá Phiến Street or on the side of the HAIS road (for no longer than 5 minutes).

Guest motorbike parking is located on the street gate side of the Gymnasium:

The students’ parking area will remain on the school side of the Gymnasium:

Students must walk their motorbikes (50cc or below for students under 18 years old) or bicycles from the barrier to their respective parking areas and back during school hours. 

  • Regular Students Drop Off & Pick Up

Please note that the Primary and Secondary students may be dropped off starting from 8:00 AM and picked up promptly at 3:15 PM at the Main Gate.  

All Early Years students may be dropped off starting from 8:00 AM and picked up promptly at 3:00 PM at the Early Years Gate.

  • Rainy Days Students Drop Off & Pick Up

When it rains, for your convenience, parents are permitted to drive up** to the Main Gate for Primary and Secondary students pick up and drop off, and the building A White Gate for Early Years students.

**Please see the video instructions attached.

  • Bus area

We also have a designated bus area behind the cantine:

  • Using ‘Zebra’ Crossings

Please use the closest ‘Zebra’ crossing if you need to cross the road. Look out for coming vehicles that may be overtaking those that have already stopped before the ‘Zebra’ crossing.

Final Important Notes:

On any occasion where a person other than the child’s parent requests to transport a child from the school, the child’s parent must provide permission via email at least 30 minutes prior to the pick-up time. The collecting person must provide a valid ID prior to collecting the child. 

If a person other than the child’s parents, requests to transport a child, please notify this person of the HAIS Traffic & Parking Regulations outlined in this email.  

Thank you so much for your cooperation during these weeks and once again, we are so excited to see all the familiar and new faces on campus. 


The HAIS Administration Team