For the past four years, Hoi An International School (HAIS) has been tirelessly building an educational evironment where our students thrive academically, socially and emotionally. Not only do our staff participate in regular professional development and continual research, but as a school, we have undergone a rigorous application and review process to become an internationally recognised school.

In June 2022, we received some incredible news. After years of hard work, we are officially recognised as a member of the Council of International Schools (CIS). Of the more than 25 thousand schools (67 international schools) in Vietnam, there are only 27 schools with CIS memberships. This recognition marks an important milestone in our development history and the journey to affirm the quality of education that meets international standards, as well as our HAIS vision, mission and values.

Students and families in the HAIS community will be completely assured of the quality of the accreditation and monitoring of the school’s curriculum and activities
CIS is a world-renowned education accreditation organisation with a collective of more than 700 international schools and 600 universities. CIS evaluates schools based on a wide range of criteria, including mission and vision, educational systems and programmes, teaching and academic quality, global citizenship, well-being, diversity, facilities and infrastucture and more. All schools recognised by CIS must meet extensive criteria and standards of education during the application process and through formal, annual reviews.

CIS’ is focused on building a community of schools and universities that actively support students in becoming global citizens who continually challenge themselves and become leaders. Not only does CIS evaluate its members, but it also provides support and advice so that schools can continue to adapt to world changes and provide a high-quality international education in line with current needs.

Currently, more than 710 international schools and 580 universities/colleges in more than 116 countries are recognized as members of the CIS organization

HAIS now has access to a well-curated network of consultants through CIS. These consultants, who have also undergone rigorous vetting, are available to support us in our continued development and realisation of our dreams. CIS will continue to support us in providing a world-class education through:

    • Guiding the development and implementation of new policies;
    • Connecting HAIS with other CIS member schools;
    • Setting and evaluating benchmarks for growth;
    • Sharing data and research to support students in transitioning to university
    • Providing access to specialised; and trainings and events for staff.

This is a meaningful achievement in response to our commendable efforts. We thank our students, staff and community for contributing to our success and suppoting HAIS as we continue to grow. We look forward to many opening new opportunities through our membership with CIS.