HAIS Headlines #19

“Tradition is a very powerful force.” (John P. Kotter)

This week we have been uncovering some the wonderful traditions of the Vietnamese Tet festival. Some of our teachers have created beautiful displays that highlight some of the key elements of the holiday celebration,

For some members of staff, this is their first Tet holiday. They are finding out about the food, clothing, decorations and seem rather excited to be in Vietnam and honor the traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Our Vietnamese staff has done an outstanding job with our children. They have been making lucky money envelopes to sell at our school Tet celebration, sharing stories, and preparing them for their Vietnamese tests.

Our Vietnamese staff also did an absolutely incredible job organizing sports day this week. The theme, of course, was traditional Vietnamese games. There were multiple stations set up and the children did everything from balancing to bang a gong, throwing shoes at cans, and blindfolded balloon breaking. Teachers and staff were sharing stories of their own childhoods or those of their parents, and made personal connections with the students. It was lovely to see.

Of course, here at HAIS we are building traditions of our own. All of the children were involved in making traditional Tet treats known as mut, using dried carrots and dried coconut. We will be serving these treats at our school-wide celebration on Wednesday. We hope you can join us for a truly traditional Tet.

Have a safe and enjoyable weekend.
We will see you at the green gates on Monday.

Until then,

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