HAIS Headlines #23

“If what you’re working for really matters, you’ll give it all you’ve got.” (Nido Qubein)

This has been a thrilling week for us at HAIS. It was the official beginning of our IB candidacy, even though we have been working behind the scenes for months!. Even typing those words makes my heart sing! We are indeed giving it all we’ve got because we know how much your children matter!

The teachers in the International Programme have put in an outstanding effort preparing for our first week of teaching and learning within the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme framework. I have felt a shift already in the depth of discussions children are having with their teachers, the ways students are interacting with each other, and the use of the Learner Profile language in our classrooms and across the campus.

One of the key components of the PYP is student initiated action and I would love to share a success story with you.
The Grade 3/4 International class is currently inquiring into a unit on migration. The book, The Happiest Refugee, by author Anh Do, was selected as a mentor text for the unit. It had been pointed out to me earlier by Jade Macdouall that Anh Do wasin fact her uncle. As the class began to inquire into migration, Logan Macdouall again shared that the author was a family relative. On his own initiative, Logan went home and called his uncle to ask him if he would speak to his class about his own personal migration story. Today, the children were given the amazing opportunity to video chat with Anh Do, listen to his story, make connections to their learning and ask him questions that would push their learning even further.  This is a perfect example of student action as well as the power of the Primary Years Programme. Learning is relevant, significant and engaging. These students will never forget this interview and more importantly, the bigger idea that their learning connects them to the world around them in powerful ways. A huge thank you to the Macdouall family for helping to facilitate this connection. Parental involvement is another component of the PYP. It takes a community.

On Saturday, the Bilingual Programme teachers spent the day with Ms. An exploring an inquiry based approach to teaching and learning. They learned how to create essential questions to drive student inquiry, support students in their learning and how to document student questions. The inquiry based approach will allow the students to become more involved in their learning, make decisions about what they are interested in, and find more creative ways to show their understanding.

Another exciting development at the school is the impact being felt by the addition of Mr. Tass Petridis to our staff. Tass originally hails from Greece, however, he lived in Australia for many years, as well as Ho Chi Minh City. He brings with him over 20 years of educational experience. This week the children have been playing a variety of instruments, including piano, ukulele and drums, learning musical theory, improvising and focusing on rhythm and timing. The students are loving the new format of the music classes and all the experiences Mr. Tass has to offer. Art education is very important in the development of our students. Here at HAIS, we believe there is a strong connection between the arts and student achievement. We are confident that the addition of Mr. Tass will help our students to make the connections between music and other areas of the curriculum. Tune into our Facebook page on Saturday to view our post introducing Mr. Tass to our community, as well as to learn about his impressive professional career and reputation in Vietnam. We are delighted to have him as part of our team!

Here we grow again!

We would love to extend a very warm HAIS welcome to our newest community members:

Please welcome Zach Murphy and his family joining us from the UK to International Discovery. Please make them feel welcome on the campus and our community.
Enjoy your weekend and this glorious weather. We will see you at the green gates on Monday.

Until then,

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