HAIS Headlines #24

“Accountability breeds response-ability.” (Stephen Covey)

Good afternoon families,

It has been another exciting week of teaching and learning. Students are making connections in their learning across the curriculum. It is always wonderful to see the children from both the Bilingual and International Programmes working together, communicating and collaborating with a common goal in mind. We are so fortunate to have two diverse programmes to offer the best of both worlds to our students.

Here We Grow Again.
We would love to extend a warm HAIS welcome to our newest community members:
Please welcome from Israel, Nitay and Eldar Mazor in International K1/K2 and International Grade 1/2 respectively.
>From Australia, Brax, Madison,Trey and Kaylan Lambert in International 1/2, 5/6 and 7/8 respectively.  Please make them feel welcome on the campus and within our community.

Today’s quote is about accountability. These quotes are never random, they are always intentionally selected.

This week it has been brought to our attention that some parents feel there is a lack of clear and accurate communication between all of the stakeholders.
Let me first say I apologize to any of you who feel or have felt this way. It is not intentional.

As the principal of HAIS I must take accountability for this. Whether the communication is coming from me or not, ultimately I am responsible. We will be holding an administration meeting this weekend to go over procedures to try and close the holes that exist. Also, I have an open door policy. If there is something you are unhappy with, unclear about, or have a suggestion to make our school better, please come and talk to me. If you are unable to come into the school, you can email me. We try to be as receptive as we can to the needs and wants of our community. This situation is no different. Feedback and constructive criticism is how we grow.

I hope we can work together to resolve this issue.

Have a wonderful weekend.

We will see you at the green gates on Monday.

Until then,

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