HAIS Headlines #37

Dear Parents,

The first two weeks of school have flown and I am really appreciative of all the conversations that I have had with many of you in that time.  As a parent of three wonderful children at HAIS and now as the school’s Vice-Principal I am so proud to be a part of this learning community.  Research has shown that students learn best in a safe and caring environment which caters for individual differences and challenges each student to reach their potential and from what I have been seeing over the past fortnight, this model of learning excellence is certainly alive and well at HAIS!

New Library Books
We are certainly living in interesting times. Gen Z (people born from the late 1990s to about now) for example, aren’t like any generation before. Almost none of their generation have had to live life without instant access to the world-wide-web. Due to this marketers have been very busy in the app development space by convincing our youth that they absolutely need them in order to ensure sales and of course, their jobs.

It is timely then that long term studies are finally being released on the effects of electronic devices on the brains of our children and teens. Without going into detail these studies point to the fact that like any addictive behaviour, the explosion in the use of electronic devices needs to be regulated, to control the alarming rates of teen anxiety and depression that are being seen.

I still remember an article that I read in the New York Times    (https://www.nytimes.com/2018/10/26/style/silicon-valley-nannies.html)about Silicon Valley parents (the same Silicon Valley executives who had successfully convinced millions that smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices are the only way to educate their children) who are now, due to the awareness of the addictive nature of screen time, ensuring that contracts with nannies are written with no electronic device clauses in them.

Thankfully the HAIS community have recognised the need for the use of many different educational tools (including electronic devices) and resources to best educate our children. With one of these ever-enduring resources being BOOKS! As such, I was encouraged last week when I was doing my walk around at lunchtime to come across many of our students reading the new books (800 in total!) that had recently been delivered to our library. The reason for my excitement was that many of these students were from our Primary Years Programme and not only does book reading allow them to dream big but it also improves literacy and cognitive skills and enhances their vocabulary. Go HAIS!

Super Stars

There has been some inspiring learning taking place all across the HAIS campus. There is not enough space to mention it all here, so I would like to highlight two wonderful examples of teaching and learning currently being displayed outside Miss Stephanie’s International Grade 2 class and Miss Aoife’s International Grade 3 and 4 class. The ‘Writers Wall’ and ‘Author of the Week’ wall are concrete examples of not only teacher efforts but also of our students’ commitment to learning and producing quality work. BRAVO!


Our little ones are finally HOME!

What a fantastic start to the school year we have had in Kindergarten! We have many new friends to play with and new teachers to learn from. Our first couple of weeks back have been so busy getting to know each other and the routines. I am so proud of how everyone has started the new school year. Enthusiasm and excitement are oozing from the children and staff alike. Children are coming to school with big smiles on their faces and teachers are waiting eagerly for their arrival. It is truly magical to watch children from all over the globe play together. Thank you to all the parents for being so supportive with your little one’s transition to school.
A friendly reminder that school starts at 8.00am and finishes at 3.15pm.
Ms. Hannah (Early Years Lead)

Learning beyond the classroom

The primary school children are off to a flying start. Grades one and two have been getting to know each other and making new friends. They have introduced the “Who We Are” bag to their classes. Our children get to share five bits of information about themselves with their classmates and it’s a lovely way to learn more about one another.

Our grade three and four learners have been reading “The Giggler Treatment” by Roddy Doyle. Not only have the children been laughing non-stop, but they have also been learning about different styles of writing, the importance of addressing your audience and reviewing stories. This has been a great week of laughter and learning and we could honestly not think of a better combination to start of the school year!

Our grade fives are running a photography workshop, where our students have been capturing and sharing beautiful moments from all around our campus. We are so lucky to have inspiring and enthusiastic young minds here at HAIS and we cannot wait to see what they have captured.
Ms. Aoife (Primary Years Lead)

Setting up for success in Secondary School

Our secondary students have spent the past 2 weeks gearing themselves towards a successful 2019/2020
Our secondary team are working alongside our students to assist them in developing good habits and systems, which will ensure the greatest success. Some of the areas which the students and teachers have focused on include:
1. Developing a routine
2. Keeping notes
3. Preparing themselves the night before for the day ahead
4. Eliminating all distractions, before starting homework
5. Making the bed every morning
These are small victories that set a positive tone for and will assist in overall productivity.
Ms. Sarah (Secondary Lead)

Important Dates:
31 – 01 September: IB PYP Workshop
02 September: School Closed for Vietnamese National Holiday

Long Weekend
Finally, I would like to wish all our students, parents and staff a happy Independence Day for Monday.

Enjoy the Long Weekend!

Brett Macdouall

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