HAIS Headlines #38

Dear Parents,

Last weekend saw the commitment and stamina of the teaching and administration team in full display. Members of staff joined together on Saturday and Sunday to further develop their knowledge of IB and to improve their methods of working together to create exciting and effective learning opportunities for our students.

For me, it was a wonderful opportunity to get to know the staff on a deeper level as we debated points and talked about how to maximize the use of our amazing learning spaces. Conversations surrounding the teaching and learning and overall teamwork were great to see as we discussed and developed plans for IB implementation and how to give our students every opportunity to be their best. Many thanks to An for making this training possible and to our training facilitator, Tania Mansfield from HCMC who was ably supported on-site by our school-based coordinator Ainsley Cameron.

We All Stand Together

An, Brett and I are working on ways to consolidate the culture and future of the school as it continues to grow and prosper. In doing this, we are aware the school must retain its strong connections to its’ families, the community and the environment.

After a fruitful planning session it was decided that the lunch time will be increased by an additional 10 minutes for all Primary and Secondary students to ensure that our learners are fully nourished and ready to complete the rest of their day.

The first term always boasts a plethora of activities and fun, so we are all eagerly awaiting as our Vietnamese team plan the Mid-Autumn Festival which will take place during September. This is the first of many HAIS events and we encourage parents, students and staff alike to dress up in traditional outfits to commemorate and celebrate the day.

The week ahead promises to be one for the books, as we commence our ASA programme. The ASA’s are an exciting programme for parents, students and teachers alike as they afford our children the opportunity to learn new skills and make new friends while having loads of fun.
Sue Donaldson (Principal)

Kindy Corner

Over the past few weeks the curious students in International Discovery have been living up to their name!

In the Kindy garden, they discovered beans and then exercised their fingers as they worked to pop out each bean hidden inside. Some of us discovered the climbing equipment and showed great bravery and gross motor skill climbing as high as we could. After that, they discovered a snail hiding under some leaves. We wondered, ‘What does it eat?’ and fed it papaya, sticky rice, and leaves. Later we walked to meet the HAIS chickens and explored their coop to find hard eggs and soft feathers amongst the hay. Oops, we dropped an egg… but discovered that the other chickens ate it!

In the classroom, the children discovered pouring and mixing materials such as rice, pasta, and beads. They investigated the different tools and containers they can use to transport them.

So many discoveries in such little time. I cannot wait to see what we will discover next!
Ms. Hannah (Early Years Lead)


Primary – Learning beyond our classrooms

Primary have been busy this week.

Grades 1 & 2 have been working together in the garden. The children are learning about how plants absorb water from the roots and how it travels to the leaves. Our gardener, Mr. Thuan, has been teaching the children about growing beans and how to harvest them. Such excitement in reaping what you sow!

Grades 3 & 4 have been collaborating with Mr. Tass and making some absolutely incredible music. Teachers can’t help it but dance when the kids get playing!

Grade 5 students have been working hard on presenting workshops. From photography to Lego to slack-line, there is something there for everyone. What an incredibly talented bunch we have.
Ms. Aoife (Primary Years Lead)

Our Leading Learners

Over the last week the entire school have been working together to come up with ways to contribute positively in the school garden during environmental awareness.

The Secondary students identified an opportunity for the garden to have a map and have taken ownership of creating this. They felt this would be a helpful way to educate all people visiting the garden.
Stage one is the planning phase where we have looked at locations, the purpose of the map and the audience that the map will be used for.

The students are using a range of skills to complete this task over the coming weeks. This includes researching the scientific names for the plant life, measurement skills, calculating ratios, constructing a brief to present orally and will be artistically presenting the map. Watch this space for the development of this exciting feature!
Ms. Sarah (Secondary Years Lead

Important Dates for Students:
9 September: International Day of Literacy

Important Dates for the HAIS Community:
13 September: Mid-Autumn Festival

Wishing you all a lovely weekend and looking forward to seeing you all!

Sue Donaldson


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