HAIS Headlines #39

Hello Parents,

Feeling Festive

The atmosphere at HAIS was filled with excitement as students began their preparation for the Mid-Autumn Festival. This is an important day in Vietnamese culture as it signifies the unity and solidarity of families, which was even more evident this week. There has been great spirit among students and teachers as whole school collaboration took place in the acquisition of new skills and a sense of pride as students have taken ownership in their learning by leading the event, sharing their newfound skills with their families and peers.
As part of our Host Country studies, our Vietnamese teachers have been proudly showcasing Vietnamese beliefs and values by sharing their love of their country with the HAIS community. Our international teachers have been actively involved alongside students in preparation for the Mid-Autumn festival.


This is not goodbye but simply a farewell to a teacher and learning lead who showed great enthusiasm, encouragement, and warmth to her students, parents and staff alike. Due to medical reasons, Ms. Sarah Reid has had to bid farewell to the HAIS community.

Learning Never Stops
We are thrilled to announce that the learning and implementation of the IB continue, as teachers head off to HCMC to further their experience and understanding. Our Primary team will be jetting off to ISHCMC at the end of the week where they will be:

  • Observing classes in action.
  •  Attending workshops.
  •  Sharing ideas with teachers from other schools.

And in true HAIS spirit, our teachers have prepared lessons in advance so their students can continue on their learning journey which will be carried out by other teachers.

All Aboard
We have recently altered the bus pickup arrangements so that our children have safe uncluttered access to the school. The children are accompanied to the HAIS bus stop and checked in to begin their departure home.
Our students have adjusted nicely to their new routine.

Let’s Get Active
Inter-school Sports is back and this time it is bigger and better than ever. On Thursday the 19th of September, our year 5’s and secondary students will travel to SIS to play against our host school, Greenshoots, and St.Nicholas. Students will be participating in a soccer and badminton tournament, where they will enjoy meeting up and exchanging friendly banter with other students.

Ms. An (CEO)


Our Young Explorers

Another week has ended with plenty of interesting activities in the Bilingual Discovery class. Our children have learned how to plant a seed and observed the process of how a bean sprouts. We also explored how to use tools safely to peel fruit and vegetables. As the children tasted them they discovered that carrots are sweet and crunchy, and cucumbers have lots of water and taste fresh.

The children then took all the skins of the vegetables to the garden to feed their lovely friends, the chickens. We investigated chicken eggs and discovered that the shell of the eggs is hard. They then took their learning back into the classroom, where they’ve learned how to fill up a bottle with water and use different tools to transfer beans to pots.

There are always new and exciting things to discover when you’re a toddler. I look forward to continuing on this learning journey with the little cuties.
Ms. Duyen (Bilingual Discovery Teacher)

Let’s Get Skillful


All of the children have been busy preparing for the Mid-Autumn festival this week. We have been preparing for our workshops and look forward to teaching many of you our new skills.
Mr. Matt’s class have been busy running workshops. This is a wonderful way for the children to build on their prior knowledge, gain confidence and become proficient in hobbies or challenges they show interest in.
The collaboration has gone beyond the acquiring of new skills as our bilingual students have been joining the international classes in the introductions of their new units of inquiry. The children have shown wonderful collaboration and have been very encouraging and supportive of one another. Way to go!
Ms. Aoife (Primary Learning Lead)

Caring for Our Community

Secondary students have been working wonders. They have showed many wonderful qualities through their interactions with each other, younger students and staff alike during the Mid-Autumn festival preparations. The patience and caring nature of the students has been evident in their approaches to teaching others their new-found skills.
Mr. Dan and Ms. Hannah (Secondary Teachers)


Important Dates for Students:
17 September: Dot Day
19 September: Inter-school Sports Day

Important Dates for the HAIS Community:
19 – 20 September: IB Workshops

Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead.

An Tran


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