HAIS Headlines #40

Dear Parents,

It has certainly been another jam-packed week at HAIS and one that has seen our students strive to achieve their full potential in all areas of endeavour. A couple of highlights included:

  1. Tuesday saw the HAIS community celebrating International DOT Day. Co-ordinated by Miss Amanda, this was the second year that HAIS has recognised this event and it was a day for classes to explore the story’s powerful themes: bravery, creativity, and self-expression. The activities that were organised encouraged relationship building across the different year levels and carried messages of inspiration and hope. A special thanks to our library team too. Well done to all!
  2. On Thursday, our Grade 5 class and the majority of our Secondary cohort represented HAIS in the first Sports Exchange for 2019. The event was hosted by SIS Danang and provided an opportunity for our students to take part in an enjoyable, challenging yet satisfying series of well-planned sporting activities. The highlight for me was the way in which our students conducted themselves throughout – co-operation, teamwork, perseverance and above all good sportsmanship!

A special mention here needs to go to our girls football (soccer) team who did not lose a match and played with such unflinching tenacity and commitment against much bigger and older components. BRAVO!

Girls Football Scores


Healthy Mind, Healthy Body, Healthy Heart

Over my next series of entries for our HAIS Headlines I am going to briefly outline a number of strategies that research has shown can help our children (and adults) to maximise mental health and wellbeing – I will include one strategy per entry. I hope you enjoy.


Connect With Others – Research has shown that the quality of our relationships are better predictors of long and happy lives than social class, IQ or even genes. As such, it is so important that we teach our children to nurture their relationships by modelling ways to spend time interacting (face to face) with family and friends. When children are happy and confident, they have a better sense of their goals and are more productive inside and outside of the classroom.

Mr. Brett (Vice Principal)

To Infinity and Beyond

Time really does fly when you’re having fun! International PK/JK have been inquiring into the Solar System. We have been sharing books to find out about planets, rocket, galaxies, the moon, and meteoroids. Yael taught us a song that helped us learn all the planet names. We then made a 3D model of the Solar System using butcher’s paper and paint. Jack decided our galaxy of stars needed rockets, so we investigated shapes in rockets and made two from boxes to play in. Astronauts also need to be fluent in counting backward from ten, so we made number cards and handheld rockets that could take off when we counted down to blastoff. Such busy little astronauts making sense of their world and their place in it!

Ms. Hannah (Kindergarten Learning Lead)

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”- Helen Keller

The grade ones continued their exploration into the garden community this week and created a map of our garden during environmental studies. The grade twos collected materials to carry out the plant inquiries that they’ve been working on. We have some really interesting experiments happening, feel free to drop in and have a look!
Grade 3/4 have been inquiring into the importance of communication within a community. Students have done challenges to find out what happens when some means of communication are limited, and they are exploring alternate language systems that can be used to express their ideas.
Grade five collaborated to create a dramatic performance for Dot Day. Every part of the play was organized and created by the students. They confidently performed in front of the entire school, and did an amazing job!

Ms. Aoife (Primary Years Learning Lead)

Make the Circle Bigger


Our Secondary students have been working hard on many projects and activities this week. Our eldest students have been combining what they’ve learned in English and Art to create some brilliant pieces of propaganda artwork. Students developed their sense of community and communication skills through various events that took place over this past week. We’re very proud of the integrity and maturity of this young bunch. It has been an excellent week for our secondary students.

Ms. Hannah Lord (Global Perspectives Teacher)


Kiddy Corner
Calling on Our Parents – Your trash is Our Treasure
At HAIS we love to recycle and reuse materials as much as we can. As such, the Kindy team would like to gather some authentic resources which may be unwanted in your home. By collecting unwanted items and giving them a new life we are living out our environmental awareness learning and bridging connections between home and school. The children can use their imagination and creativity to explore the materials in different ways. Please find the collection basket and information board outside Ms. Hannah’s room with suggested donation items such as; saucepans, bowls, crates, and fabric.

We appreciate your support.
Have a great weekend.

Brett Macdouall (Vice-Principal)


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