HAIS Headlines – Week 10

Hello Parents,

October has been a busy and exciting month at HAIS.

Our International Week has been greeted by many fun and engaging activities including workshops hosted by teachers, students, and parents of different nationalities. Students went on cultural explorations across many different countries such as  China, Denmark, Australia, Vietnam, Ireland, America, Canada, Germany, Belgium, New Zealand, Taiwan, and India.

Some of the highlights of these workshops were the bubble tea making, aboriginal boomerang dot painting, Indian dance and culture, German ribbon dance, Korean kites, New Zealand stick song and the land of lego.

Taste Sensation

Thursday took our palates on a burst of flavor as students enjoyed food from around the world and had their passports stamped from the countries where they tried the food. This year we had an outstanding 14 different countries represented. A special thanks to all of the parents who have supported in classes and at the Food Fair. To Ms. Thao, Ms. Simone and Ms. Nadine thank you for all the planning and preparation that occurred to make this such a special event for all.

Our Global Family

The finale on Friday was our magnificent Parade of Nations and concert, which featured a phenomenal 25 different countries within the HAIS family. There was a true sense of community and belonging as students paraded with pride as they represented their home countries. This was followed by a production of the nations, as students took to the stage and showcased the interculturalism of HAIS.

Sue Donaldson (Principal)

The Wonders of The World

Our class is developing their motor skills and this week during our fine motor activity, the children enjoyed using their hands to squeeze oranges. They admired their hard work and learned a lot about oranges. Students have learned the skill of removing and gluing, allowing them to practice using their hands flexibly.

During one of our garden visits, we noticed snails pooping and we discussed animals passing waste. The exploration into how the world works, including toilet usage is a rich learning experience and this is an important skill that is taught in Discovery.

Ms. Duyen – Bilingual Discovery Teacher

Build Me Up

The grade twos have been tirelessly working on their garden “treehouse” for the past month and we are just about finished! It started as an activity to promote community and build social skills, but it turned into so much more. We’ve learned about leadership skills, conflict resolution and problem-solving.

Mr. Jeff has been an integral part of the treehouse success and has brought in so many Math skills such as measuring, halving numbers and working through challenging addition and subtraction equations to ensure that all the bamboo was cut and measured properly. Before the break, we tested out our platform and finally got it into the tree. The kids were delighted to climb up and test it out!

Ms. Stephanie – International Grade 2

“There are no problems, only solutions”, John Lennon

Secondary students have been showing great initiative and enthusiasm in this year’s International Week. A highlight has been student participation in a ‘Model UN’ debate; this involved each student taking the role of a UN representative from a particular country and debating the global climate crisis. It was fantastic to see how the students debated maturely and articulately amongst themselves and demonstrated an appreciation of the needs of their chosen country. I think we have one or two young politicians within the HAIS secondary cohort.

Mr. Alex – Secondary Learning Lead


News from the Library

We are delighted that our beautiful library is continuing to grow its book collection. A shipment of 600 new Vietnamese books has arrived and these include stories and informational books for all students. Adding to our amazing collection is a bilingual book about the history of Vietnam and board books for the little ones.

Important Dates for Students:

31 October: Halloween

Thanks for yet another fantastic week here at HAIS.

Sue. Donaldson


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