HAIS Headlines – Week 11

Dear Parents,

Welcome to yet another exciting week at HAIS where spirits were high as we prepared for Halloween. Students and staff got creative during their preparations, using the theme of Halloween to guide their learning. The rains of Thursday did not deter the spirit of the HAIS community as they returned to school the next day to continue the festivities.

See You Later

This is not goodbye but simply see you later. Both Ms. Melissa Voigt and Ms. Bella Wang have been invaluable members to the HAIS family and we are truly sad to see them go. They will both be returning to their home countries. We have all had memorable moments with them and wish them both all the best for the future.

We are grateful for all of their contributions and want them to know that they will be greatly missed.

Small Acts of Kindness

In International PKJK we have been learning about creating kindness within a community. From sharing with our friends at school to helping Mum and Dad with the dishes at home. We have learned that small acts of kindness such as greeting our friends and teachers by name go a long way to helping create a community that is welcoming to all. PKJK has also been inquiring into recognizing feelings, such as why we’re feeling a particular way and then adding to a toolkit of self-regulation skills. Children can experience some very big emotions and it’s important to give them tools to help recognize them and act appropriately when they are feeling overwhelmed by different emotions. We teach our kindy’s that all emotions are healthy, it’s what we do with them that is important.

Ms. Hannah White – Early Years Learning Lead

Trick or Treat

It has been an exciting start to the week in the Grade One international class! In addition to decorating our classroom in preparation for Halloween, we have been integrating literacy and math into our Halloween fun! Students have been enjoying spooky read alouds and were even reading our “just right reading level” books about Halloween. The children also wrote a spooky story together as a class, based on the book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, but instead titled it “Black Cat, Black Cat.” We estimated and counted creepy spiders in our estimation jar!

Ms. Ainsley – International Grade 1

 “The price of greatness is responsibility,” William Churchill

Our secondary students have diligently and tenaciously worked through all tasks given to them by their teachers. Independence and responsibility are important aspects of students learning, as such the decision was made to recognize our older learners for their mature approach to school life by giving them the freedom to take lunch at any time within the 12:10 – 13:00 time slot. Students have handled this newfound freedom with pride and have been great role models to the younger age groups.

For Halloween, the students participated in an afternoon packed with themed activities including traditional Halloween games and a tower building challenge. The students were able to demonstrate a collective collaborative spirit and good-natured competitiveness.

Alex Varney – Secondary Learning Lead

HAIS Inspirational Leaders

Our Grade 5 learners have been breaking new ground with a multitude of innovative projects coming from this young group of learners.

During the week we interviewed Jade Macdouall who has initiated a Fun Run for Education. When asked how the idea came about she said that during one of her lessons with Mr. Matt he asked the students what their values and beliefs were and she responded that she believes that everyone should have access to education and was saddened by the thought that this was not happening. Mr. Matt then challenged her to do something about her belief and asked her to go home and come up with an idea to help the situation. She then decided to take her love for sports and use it as a platform for change by hosting the Fun Run for Education.

So what is the Fun Run for Education? It is a race aimed at raising funds to allow 3 female students from La San Tan Hung Charity School to continue their learning journey and open doors for other students to attend the school. Jade needs to raise 21,000,000 VND and is calling on the HAIS community to support her movement.

Date: 28 November 2019

Time: 08h30 (During Sports Morning)

How to get involved?

Option 1

Parents and students can sign up to run laps around the HAIS field and pay a flat fee of 50,000VND

Option 2

Parents and students can give a voluntary amount per lap

Option 3

Parents can offer to sponsor students signed up to run these laps

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend

Ms. An Tran


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