HAIS Headlines – Week 12

Dear Parents,

I have been musing on some of the writings of Bruce Perry recently and one quote, in particular, has stuck in my mind:

“Children don’t need more things. The best toys a child can have is a parent who gets down on the floor and plays with them”. Bruce Perry

This idea is not unique to Perry and has certainly been espoused for many a year, particularly amongst psychologists and psychiatrists. For me though the important link here is to schools and education.

The debate about the best way to teach has been circling for as long as I can remember (and much before that) and should be, particularly in the minds of educational leaders. In saying that, we do at times complicate this and should simply be focusing on the best ways to ensure that learning is always a fundamentally meaningful experience for all students in the room.

Throughout my career, I have been privileged to witness numerous teachers deliver their lessons. The teachers who stand out in my mind (and indeed my mind from when I was a student) are those who inspire and engage while filling their classrooms with warmth and a palpable passion for the subject(s) that they are teaching.

In summary, and linking back to Perry, the best education for children is that whereby teachers get into the ‘learning pit’ with their students and engage them, inspire them and start them on a journey of lifelong learning. Thankfully at HAIS, we have a group of fine teachers who are super passionate about what they do and love to bring ‘learning to life!’

Mr. Brett – Vice Principal

Spooky Treats

Last week, Bilingual PKJK learned about Halloween. When asked what they knew about Halloween, the students had a lot of things to say: Coca said that “Halloween has lots of pumpkins.” Suri said “there were witches.” Jessica said they can “trick or treat.” Bi said that “there must be skeletons.”  Vince said that “there were ghosts”, Leo and An said “Halloween has lots of spiders.”

We were quite overwhelmed about how much the PKJK Crocodile class knew about the festival. The week started with students learning about and creating Halloween crafts, where they were able to practice their fine motor skills by cutting, pasting and decorating pumpkins. Students got even more creative when they made skeletons to decorate their classrooms. The festivities ended with sweet treats for our little ones as they went Trick or Treating around the school.

Ms. Huong and Teacher Jo – Bilingual PKJK Teacher

At One With Nature

Exciting discoveries and learning are happening as we embark on our unique HAIS journey. Grades 3 and 4 International are focusing on the big idea that “Scientific Understanding Impacts Life”. The children are engaged in an observation about nature, specifically plant life. Using magnifying glasses and microscopes, they are familiarising themselves with the structure of a variety of leaves and plants in as much detail as possible. We are very excited about the learning that will unfold over the coming weeks.

Ms. Aoife – International Grade 3 & 4 Teache

The Seniors Looking Glass

In Secondary Global Perspectives, our CLS 3 students have been using their research and evaluation skills to explore the topic of sustainability. Students each drove their own inquiries into the life cycle of a resource, thinking critically about whether their resource is sustainable.

Meanwhile, our CLS 2 students have been exploring the right to asylum and are specifically looking at the cause of displaced people, as well as reasons why some countries host more refugees than others. We look forward to learning more about their upcoming presentations.

Ms. Hannah Lord – Secondary English and Global Perspectives teacher

HAIS Inspirational Leaders

We continue on our journey with our Grade 5 inspirational learners, who have displayed a breakthrough in their learning.

This week we interviewed Hang Diem Nhan who has initiated a greenhouse project in her efforts to save our planet.

Her inspiration came during a lesson with Mr. Matt who had asked the students to think of ways in which they could achieve this. Hang had automatically thought about her current home, Vietnam and the issues of pollution that the country is facing.

She was then challenged by her teacher to find a solution to the problem. She told Mr. Matt that she could encourage a clean up in her local community and in return, he asked her what she would do with the rubbish she had collected. At a loss for words and with a plethora of ideas, she knew she wanted to create something beautiful.

That was when she decided to build a greenhouse; a space that would extend the life of plants which could aid in cleaning the air in her home, Vietnam.

Hang needs to collect 900+ bottles to realize her dream, so we are turning to you our HAIS community to help her in achieving this.

How to get involved?

Option 1

Bring plastic bottles of all sizes to the HAIS campus.

Option 2

Volunteer your time to help Hang build the greenhouse.

Ms. Laurin and Hang

Some Strategies to Maximise Mental Health and Wellbeing

In my last submission for our HAIS Headlines, I included the second entry in my list of strategies that research has shown can help our children (and adults) to maximize mental health and wellbeing.

Here is Number 3.

3. Get at least 8 hours of sleep: To enhance sleep quality, avoid screens for at least an hour before bed, and try to go to bed and get up at about the same time each day. Another tip is to schedule a family reading time whereby each member grabs a book and then all lay together to quietly read before lights out.

Enjoy the weekend.

Mr. Brett Macdouall

Vice Principal

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