HAIS Headlines – Week 13

Dear Parents,

We’ve got a busy time coming up here at HAIS with so many great activities being planned. Our biggest to date will be the Hoi An Holiday Bazaar, coming up on 30 November.

Our Parent group has been busy planning for an exciting day of music, fun, and activities for the whole family. The Bazaar is open to all so please feel free to invite friends and family to join in on the holiday festivities. With almost fifty stalls available, a large range of activities for all, entertainment throughout the day and amazing raffle prizes to be won, this year’s Bazaar promises to keep our bellies, bags, and minds satisfied.

The money raised from this year’s Hoi An Holiday Bazaar will be used to support the Children’s Education Foundation who funds Vietnamese families that are in need. For more information, please visit their website on http://www.childrenseducationfoundation.org.au/faq.html

Ms. Sue – Principal

The World of Insects

Last week we explored the wonderful world of entomology (the study of insects). Students named the insects they already knew and wow did they know a lot. We looked at those in greater detail and then studied a few new unknown friends. We compared many different insects and examined the different body parts. We decided to categorize them into groups. The discovery didn’t end there, as the children counted the number of parts and used mathematical language, ‘larger, smaller, and equal to’ to help better classify the different insects.

After much exploring the students examined the ants they found. Di said, “They are following a herd, Ms. Vy”, which caused great surprise as the students knew much more than their teachers had thought. Our discussions continued as we evaluated the benefits of different insects in our environment as well as those that could be harmful. Don’t be shy to ask SK about the lifecycle of a butterfly, they know it well and will be happy to share it with you. They were scared when watching a video about the process of a mosquito sucking human blood so we decided to work together to come up with some solutions to prevent mosquito bites.  We got creative with our learning as the children drew their favorite using their fingerprints. An interesting learning journey will always be a motivation for children to be curious and creative.

Ms. Vy – Bilingual SK Teacher

The Wonder Behind the Body

Grade five has been exploring the inner workings of the human body. Students have been learning about how their bodies work by creating lifesize diagrams of their own bodies. Throughout the creation process, students are developing an understanding of the size, location, function, and interconnectedness of different parts of our bodies.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” – Aesop

We also took some time to recognize World Kindness Day. Students took the opportunity to create messages of gratitude and encouragement for others in our community. It is important that we allocate time to help our kids develop compassion, empathy, courtesy, and positivity, and World Kindness Day is a great opportunity to remind ourselves that these qualities are essential.

Mr. Matt – International Grade 5 Teacher

Ready, Set, Go!

As we rapidly approach the end of Term 1 our cohort of secondary students are moving full steam ahead as they prepare for the end of term tests and assessments. The students will conduct written assessments in English, Maths, and Science, as well as some of the non-core subjects. Teachers are assisting students in managing their expectations and encouraging them to take ownership of their learning by making sufficient time for out of classroom revision. Homeroom teachers will continue to guide students to find revision techniques that best fit them.

Mr. Alex – Secondary Learning Lead

HAIS Inspirational Leaders

This week’s HAIS Inspirational Leader is Hannah Lambert. We interviewed her about her initiative called The Kianh Foundation art project.

Hannah has always had a can-do attitude and a willingness to try new things, so it was no surprise when this talented young lady decided to run this project. When asked about the inspiration behind her idea she said that Mr. Matt had challenged them to do a project that aligned with their values and beliefs.

She said that she had always felt extremely grateful for all the opportunities that had been afforded to her and felt that everyone deserves equal opportunities, especially in education. She was drawn towards the Kianh Foundation as they help children with disabilities, receive an education.

When asked about her project, she simply replied; “I’m a budding artist with the desire to make things beautiful, so I thought that I could sell my art to raise funds for The Kianh Foundation Art Project.”

How to get involved?

Option 1

You can buy my Art at HAIS

Option 2

I will have a stall at this year’s Hoi An Holiday Bazaar, so please stop on by to support my cause

Ms. Laurin & Hannah

Have a good weekend.

Ms. Sue


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