HAIS Headlines – Week 16

Dear Parents,

What a great day it was on Saturday! We had great weather, a fabulous turnout, a warm and welcoming vibe and lots and lots of interesting and diverse stallholders.

All of our feedback has been so positive and there was a definite festive atmosphere and sense of community at the event.

We are delighted to have raised almost 50,000,000 VND for Children’s Education Fund and were happy to present the proceeds to the foundation at today’s assembly.

The success of this event would not have been possible without all our lovely volunteers and more importantly our organizing committee who ensured that the day was a HUGE success! We were pleased to be able to thank these lovely ladies for all the effort that went into putting together such an amazing event. Ms. Nadine Ziegeldorf, Ms. Julia Nunes, Ms. Debbie Adelaar and Ms. Julie Elliotte.

Winter Wonderland Festival

Thursday Evening, 12 December we will be hosting a Winter Wonderland Festival to share in the joy of the festive season with our HAIS families. HAIS will be transformed into a real festive treat presenting the very best that we have to offer with a serving of your best festive treats to end off the night. Join us as we enjoy a night of performances by your children and carols for the whole family. Tickets for this event will go on sale on Monday afternoon.

Ms. Sue – Principal

Loose Parts

At HAIS, Early Years teachers use open-ended materials called ‘Loose Parts’ to encourage children to be creative, curious and imaginative. ‘Loose Parts’ offers many opportunities for children to use natural materials and objects in their environment. This allows them to make meaning of the natural world around them and manipulate materials whichever way they would like.

We are always collecting loose parts from gardens, beaches and recycles. I have changed our collection basket to be “item-specific” in line with kindy’s upcoming provocations.

You can help us by collecting:


-Bottle lids

-Small cardboard boxes (tissues, shoebox, cereal box)


-Beads or buttons

-Cardboard tubes (toilet rolls/kitchen rolls)

We thank you for your help! You will notice a stand with labeled boxes outside the Green classroom where you can place any donations you find.

Ahoy, matey

Ahoy, mi hearties! Welcome to the Green Pearl, where the jewels are plentiful and the Pirates can be trusted.. (most days). In PKJK, we have been exploring SO many educational outcomes through the lens of Pirates. We have learned about teamwork, number lines, fine motor control, directional math, map reading, pattern making, and sorting.

We have used our gross motor skills to use spades to dig for treasure, we have sung pirate songs, read and wrote pirate stories and used dramatic play to explore all the roles of the crew, from the deckhand to the Captain. We inquired into what pirate ships are made of tested materials and made our own. People often ask me why it’s so important to learn about Pirates in Kindergarten. My response never changes.

‘We don’t learn about Pirates, we learn through Pirates. It is the ‘hook’ that gets children excited about learning. As their teacher, I get to ‘hide’ some not so exciting concepts in play-based learning engagements that become irresistible to explore for little people”.

Ms. Hannah White – International PKJK Teacher

“Reading is a passport to countless adventures” , Mary Pope Osborne.

The International Grades 3/4’s have been reading a variety of children’s books and writing book reviews about these books. All of the children value the importance of reading and are eager to share their passion with others in the hope that others may read their reviews and possibly borrow or buy the books for their family or friends. We have been working together in evaluating each other’s work and giving constructive feedback. We always strive to do our best and are receptive to each others’ helpful feedback. Please stop by and have a look, perhaps you’ll be inspired to rent or buy one of the stories for Christmas!

Ms. Aoife – International Grade 3 / 4

The Scent of Christmas

Christmas is definitely in the air as we progress through to the final week of term 1. The school Christmas tree has appeared, and Santa made an appearance at the weekends’ school bazaar event. Our students are working twice as hard as they not only finish topics and projects in class but also practice and perfect their performances for the Christmas concert. It has been a really great first term and all of the students have demonstrated progress and achievement that exceeded their expectations. With continued hard work and dedication, term 2 can be just as great.

Mr. Alex Varley – Secondary Learning Lead

The Road to the Hour of Code

As we approach Computer Science Week from 09 – 15 December, our students are gearing up for our first-ever Hour of Code. Computer Science has become a critical part of most industries, and while technology can be seen everywhere, coding is at the backbone of how it all works.

We hope that by giving our students the opportunity to participate in the Hour of Code, that we may broaden our students’ horizons and even find some budding Computer Scientists in the mix. We aim to give students exposure to coding and hopefully build those foundational skills which can assist in cultivating their creativity and critical thinking.

Mr. Dan Maguire – Secondary ICT Teacher


A soft copy of student reports will be sent on Wednesday, the 11th of December. Parents wishing to receive a hard copy should advise, the lead teacher in writing and will be made available at the parent conference in January 14,15,16.

Due to the Vietnamese Education Department exams being held 6 – 10 January, all bi-lingual students will only receive their reports at the Parents Conferences also on January 14,15,16.

Cheers for Now

Ms. Van Pham has been an invaluable member of the HAIS family and we are truly sad to see her go. She has gone above and beyond her role and we are grateful for all of her contributions. We wish her all the best as she follows her passion in the hopes of developing her business. This is not goodbye but simply cheers for now as Ms. Van will continue to support us remotely.

Important Dates for HAIS Students:

09 December – The Hour of Code

Important Dates for HAIS Community:

12 December – Winter Wonderland

13 December – Last Day of Term 1

Enjoy the weekend ahead.

Ms. Sue


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