HAIS Headlines – Week 17

Dear Parents,

We’ve had a big week to finish off the first term. The week commenced with the introduction of the Hour of Code and had its grand finale on Thursday the 12th of December at our Winter Wonderland Concert.

Winter Wonderland

Yesterday, HAIS was transformed into a Winter Wonderland, showcasing students performing with great joy and enthusiasm and a serving of homemade festive treats to end off the night. It was the perfect evening for our HAIS community to come together and enjoy one last social event before the Christmas break. We were very proud of all our children and were pleased with the support shown by our HAIS community to make this a night we will never forget.

Ms. Sue – Principal

Nurturing our Sweet Fruits

During snack time while eating watermelon, the Bilingual PKJK students were involved in a discussion about the origins of a slice of watermelon. Coca and Suri said, “It’s from a watermelon.” This led to a further inquiry from the young bunch as another student asked, “Where the watermelon came from?” A very confident young Bi answered, “It’s from a watermelon tree”. I then probed and asked where they thought the watermelon tree came from, and they shyly responded, “we don’t know.”

I decided to take them on a little journey on the lifecycle of a watermelon, where students were actively involved in planting watermelon seeds. We washed the seeds, soaked them with warm water, put the seeds in a wet towel and later incubated them in a jar. Three days later, we stepped out into our beautiful garden with our sprouted watermelon seeds and eagerly planted and watered our seeds to help them grow. We cannot wait to see our watermelon plants flourish and produce lots of sweet fruits.

Ms. Huong – Bilingual PKJK

Festive Fun has just begun

Grade One and Two International students have been collaborating and put on a spectacular production for all our families and friends at this year’s Winter Wonderland.

Grade Two International Students have been learning about time in Math this week. We are practicing reading analogue clocks and recording the times. Yesterday the children hunted around the playground to find 20 hidden clocks and record their times.

This week, Bilingual Grades 1/2 decided to share in the Christmas festivities by preparing small pancakes and wrapping them to give as gifts for their loved ones.

Bilingual Grades 3/4 got crafty as they spent the week making Christmas gifts. They made Christmas cards, ornaments, snow globes, and bookmarks. The young learners were pleased to see the support they received from family and friends at the Winter Wonderland concert.

Grades 3 and 4 were engaged in some pre-Christmas crystal making in the Science lab with Mr. Alex. The end products are absolutely beautiful.

The HAIS Primary Teachers

21st Century Engagement

On Monday afternoon, December 9th, all HAIS students from grades 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 joined in the largest learning event in human history: the Hour of Code. Along with millions of kids from around the World, they participated in a computer programming activity built around the Star Wars theme. It was fantastic to see our students thinking outside the box and collaborating on finding solutions to certain problems.

The activity culminated with each participant creating and designing characters, and then having the opportunity to play a mini-game, where they controlled the actions of their characters on screen. Students received a HAIS Hour of Code certificate for their participation. We encourage students to continue coding at home in their free time. Visit Code.org for a multitude of free activities, where they can learn to speak the language of computers, technology, and the internet!

Mr Dan – Secondary ICT Teacher


We are pleased to announce that a soft copy of all reports was sent out Wednesday and look forward to discussing student progress in our upcoming Parent-Teacher Conferences in January.


Today saw the departure of two lovely families as they return to their home countries. We send all of our best wishes to Yael, Ayala, Ms. Debbie, and Mr. Itamar, as well as Zara and her mum Ms. Diana. We wish you every happiness as you travel home and settle into your new community.

Important Dates for HAIS Students:

6 to 10 January – Vietnamese Exams

Important Dates for HAIS Community:

6 January – School Resumes

14 to 16 January – Parent-Teacher Conferences

21 January – TET Event

We wish all our HAIS families a very Merry Christmas surrounded by loved ones with many blessings for the coming year. May peace, love, and prosperity follow you always.

We look forward to welcoming you all back in the new year.

Ms. Sue


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