HAIS Headlines – Week 19

Dear Parents,

Welcome Back to HAIS!

Last term finished with an outstanding night, highlighting the season and the artistic talents of all our students.

We have all returned with a renewed sense of enthusiasm and excitement for the new term.

While we were all enjoying a beautiful festive break, the wonderful Ms.An surprised the entire team as she introduced us to the new offices in the Administration area and the extension to our Kindi area which has been complemented with new bikes for our young adventurers. The surprises didn’t end there, as we were greeted with a lovely surprise by our Vietnamese teachers who decorated the campus for the upcoming TET celebrations.

Families Together

This time of year is very important to families as we gather for the Tet holidays. This special cultural occasion gives joy to many and also educates our students about their own culture and those of other countries.

By gaining this insight, our children become more balanced and adept at understanding other nationalities and cultures.

This year the Tet celebration will be an in-school event with children engaging in traditional games, preparing Banh Chung, and sticky rice and learning traditional songs. The preparation for this event will take place during the Language block and an Assembly showcasing the students’ learnings about Tet will be held on 22nd January.

Parents are welcome to join the Assembly which will be at 09:00. Children are encouraged to wear traditional attire for Assembly.

Our students have gone above and beyond to make this year’s Tet event a memorable one as they have created their own Li Xi envelopes, which they will sell and the proceeds of this will go to charity. Students have decided to support the Animals Australia charity that is helping the animals caught in the bushfires of Australia.

Be sure to drop in and see our Tet tree, lanterns, cherry blossoms, and decorations.

Ms. Sue – Principal

We All Stand Together

There is something in the air, it could be the scent of freshly blossomed flowers, the feeling of familiarity or the overwhelming sensation of the much welcomed Tet or Lunar New Year. It is the biggest holiday and festival of the Vietnamese culture as families come together in celebration and honor as they welcome in the first day of the new year. It is a significant time within our culture as we believe that it sets the benchmark for the rest of the year. It is a time for change and progression.

Our students have been actively involved in the preparations for the upcoming TET holidays as they engage in activities that highlight the importance of this holiday to the Vietnamese people. Students have been learning about the traditions and customs of this holiday and have been using the time to create materials signifying its importance.

The atmosphere leading up to Tet has been amazing as students and teachers alike come together to decorate their classrooms. We are looking forward to the continuation of these celebrations, next week, as we place a strong focus on indoor activities that share the cultural beauty of Tet. Our students are eagerly awaiting the unveiling of this year’s Tet event. Please stay tuned for more details!

Ms. Phuc Tran – International Grade 1 Teaching Assistant/ TA Lead

Our Little Green Fingers

This familiar feeling of pride and joy overwhelmed me as I observed our students collaborating as they assembled compost baskets and mesh wire rings. The memories were still fresh as we reflected upon our co-operative work of making compost while decorating our paper bags together with our friends. In preparation for bagging our compost, students loosened the compost for it to dry out so that it will be ready for packaging next week.  Our younger ones helped to weed and apply mulch onto the mixed crop plot. the fun did not end there as students encountered many little symbiotic friends of the soil on their compost journey whom they greeted and welcomed with smiles and laughter.

Ms. Bphu – Permaculturist

Management System

Our office staff has worked very hard to implement our new School Management System over the December holidays. You will see a slight difference in your school documents as we have upgraded to this new system. This will allow us to develop a uniform look in documents and keep data safe and accessible.

Parent Conferences

A reminder that the Parent-Teacher conferences will be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 14,15,16 Jan for all classes. Teachers have sent home emails this week asking for parents to nominate a time to speak with the teacher. These conferences will be about 15 minutes and the teacher will show you examples of your child’s work and explain their development and the next steps in their learning.

We look forward to talking to you about your delightful children and welcoming you to this weeks Parent-Teacher conference.

Growing Together

We welcome our newest members of the HAIS family, Le Minh in Bilingual Grade 2 and Le Lam in Bilingual Grade 4. Welcome Le family, we look forward to making many new memories with you all.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Ms. Sue


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