HAIS Headlines – Week 20

Dear Parents,

This weeks’ Thursday sports morning was themed in accordance with the upcoming TET holiday. Students thoroughly enjoyed the traditional Vietnamese games, which brought them a little closer to the culture of our host nation. This sports morning was one segment in an array of events that the students have been partaking in in preparation for TET.

TET or Vietnamese New Year marks the beginning of spring and signifies the start of a new year in the lunar calendar. As such, it is the most significant festival for Vietnamese people as it is a wonderful time to really enjoy some of the most important things in life – food, fun, laughter and of course the company and time spent with family.

Some Strategies to Maximise Mental Health and Wellbeing

In my last submission for our HAIS Headlines, I included the third entry in my list of strategies that research has shown can help our children (and adults) to maximize mental health and wellbeing.

Here is Number 4.

4. Practice gratitude: Writing down 3 things you’re grateful for each day has been linked to experiencing others as more generous and feeling more connected. Martin Seligman did a study on the effectiveness of this strategy/exercise and the results showed a 10% increase in long term happiness. Not bad considering it’s free and only requires about 5 minutes of time.

Mr Brett – Vice-Principal

Safety First

The bike area has been such a hit for our littlest learners! They have been excited to ride bikes every day. Ms. Holly and I have challenged Mr. Matt and the Year 5 team to design the bike area as part of their measurement unit this term. We have seen great collaboration between our Year 5 students and our kindy staff, who regularly hold meetings to ask questions and share their design ideas- I can’t wait to see what they come up with!

As a safety precaution, we ask that you ensure that the gates are closed as you enter and exit the Kindy Zone. The bikes are to only be used under teacher supervision and are out of bounds between 3.20 pm and 3.40 pm to ensure pick up routines are completed safely. Thank you for your cooperation in helping keep our little ones safe.

Ms. Hannah – International PKJK Teacher

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body,” Joseph Addison

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced the Raz-Plus program to our international primary and ESL students. So what is Raz-Plus? It is a digital resource used by educators across the globe that utilizes the Kids A-Z online Learning and gives teachers access to grade-specific books to facilitate guided reading within their classrooms.

Students can further engage in their reading as they complete comprehensive quizzes anywhere and at any time. This is the perfect opportunity for parents to get involved in their child’s learning journey as teachers will also be using it to supplement our international primary curriculum.

ESL students will have full access to these resources which they can use both in and out of the classroom. Our accounts are being set up this week so you will be hearing from your child’s teacher soon about how to log in and access the books. Our kindy teachers will be engaging our littlest learners by teaching them pre-reading skills. For more information on the program, please visit https://www.raz-plus.com/

Ms. Stephanie – World Languages Lead

Wonder Words

International Grade 3 and 4 have jumped straight back in after the Christmas break with incredible enthusiasm and an exceptional eagerness to learn! We embarked on synonym trails around the classroom and school grounds, to rewrite a series of unfortunate events that occurred between Amadeus Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. Their journey did not end there as they actively began drafting and editing their work and focusing on how to improve their writing skills by bringing stories to life using synonyms.

It has been a challenging and engaging activity for all the students, but this was met by non-stop laughter as they listened to each other’s twisted tales of events! Please stop by to visit our display board to see the outstanding work we have completed.  An absolutely wonderful way to ring in the New Year. Well done, superstars!

Ms. Aoife – International Grade 3 / 4


Our Golden Girl

Earlier this year, grade five students were asked to reflect on their personal beliefs and values. Students then looked around their local communities to find ways to make a positive change based on their ideals. Jade focused on the importance of education, and that everyone deserves the right to an equal education. She did some research and found out that many underprivileged families often cannot afford to send their children, especially girls, to school. She decided that she could improve the situation by raising money to help support them.

Jade then brainstormed some ways in which she could take action. She organized a charity event, “Jade’s Fun Run for Education”. This project required her to develop organization and communication skills to prepare for the event. She worked with members of the HAIS community to allow for space and time at HAIS for the run. She presented confidently in front of the whole school, encouraging them to take part, and get donations to help support her cause.

Jade also came up with other creative solutions that could help contribute to her fundraising. As the Holiday Bazaar approached she saw an opportunity to sell jewelry, so she founded the business, “Jade’s Jewels”.

Through her efforts and collaboration with the HAIS community, Jade was able to significantly surpass her goal. She showed persistence and dedication and continued to push for more, even after she reached her goal. Originally, she was planning on raising enough money to send three girls to school for one year. In the end, she was able to raise 70 million VND, which is enough to send five children to school for two years.

Last week Jade was able to proudly present her donation to La San Tan Hung Charity School. Jade’s project was a fantastic way to demonstrate the positive action that can come from project-based learning. Jade took responsibility for something she believed in and made a positive impact on at least five lives that will last a lifetime. Thank you to all members of our community who gave time and resources to help make this happen.

Mr. Matt – International Grade 5 Teacher

Important Dates for HAIS Students:

22 January – TET Assembly at 09h00 am

Important Dates for HAIS Community:

23 January – 02 February – TET Holidays

03 February – Back to School

Wishes of Prosperity, Happiness and Well Being

On behalf of Mrs. An, Ms. Sue and all the staff at HAIS we would like to sincerely wish all of our families a safe and happy TET holiday. May all the children have fun opening their fancy red envelopes and may all the parents and guardians take joy in whatever celebrations they may be having.

I wish everyone the best of luck for the year to come.


Mr. Brett


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