HAIS Headlines – Week 21

Dear Parents,

We’ve had a really exciting time leading up to Tet. The students have been busy learning about the culture of Vietnam. They have focused on music, artifacts (Bao LiXi, spring blossoms), food and understanding the symbolism of Tet. At the same time, their giving and caring nature led them to raise money from their activities to help the bushfire animal survivors in Australia. This seems to embody the essence of an international school where we are learning and valuing the country we live in, while still demonstrating care for others in the world.

The assembly on Wednesday was a lovely demonstration of teaching and learning. Students performed songs and dances, poems, a play about the legend of the Kitchen God, as well as hearing about student charity projects. The Kitchen God riding the golden carp to Heaven was a wonderful surprise!

Ms. Sue – Principal

Hands-on Holiday

Starting the new term with the Tet atmosphere has been wonderful. The Bilingual SK class has enjoyed learning about Tet through stories. The children have learned that the Lunar New Year is the traditional New Year’s Day for the Vietnamese. We learned about the customs, activities, cakes, fruits, food and house decorations that are used on New Year’s Day. SK made a five-fruit tray out of playdough and invited members of our school community to come and have a look. They also shared beautiful artworks of apricot and peach blossoms. The children know the story of the 12 zodiacs and know 2020 is the year of the rat.

In Vietnam, every holiday has a different kind of cake. When we learned about Tet, the children talked about Banh Chung and Banh Tet. Rice is a symbol of prosperity and happiness. The children enjoyed exploring steamed rice in class and chose to colour it to make art. Jack said, “The rice is so wonderful! ” And he was very proud to show his work to his mother.

We have loved learning about Tet and wish everyone a new year filled with joy and happiness.

Ms.Vy – Bilingual SK Teacher

Learning Outside the Classroom

Each week our secondary students enjoy several hours of environmental awareness. One of the ongoing projects is to produce a scale map of the HAIS garden space. The students started by photographing and accurately sketching the garden space, measuring dimensions and angles. This was then sketched onto a giant hard wood surface. The students are now onto the final stage, painting the map. The plan is that this will then be sealed against the weather and displayed in a prominent position in the garden for everyone to enjoy.

Mr. Alex Varley – Secondary Science Teacher

Click Here for the HAIS TET Celebration!

Chuc Mung Nam Moi

The Tet holiday is the most important celebration in Vietnamese culture and a time for the family to gather, share and unite. It shows the tradition of Vietnamese people, who believe that: “When you eat a fruit, think of the man who planted the tree”. In the last 2 weeks, our students have been commemorating this special day through learning about its meaning and traditions.

Students and staff decorated their classrooms, they engaged in Vietnamese traditional games and had a workshop preparing Bahn Chung. We ended off our celebrations with a gathering of the HAIS community to learn and experience the true meaning of TET. Special thanks to our Vietnamese staff for all the planning and preparation that went into making this TET so memorable for us all.

To Top It All Off

Banh Chung is a traditional dish of the Lunar New Year. Making Banh Chung is a tradition that has been handed down for thousands of generations since the Hung Kings established Van Lang, Vietnam’s original name. With a rich history and many legends related to this special dish, students eagerly raced to the school canteen to learn how to prepare Banh Chung, with our talented chef, Ms. Van and some of our parents. The children learned about the origins and traditions, its ingredients, the preparation and how to create the Chung cake.

This would not have been possible without the dedication of our Vietnamese staff, the kindness of our parents and the continuous support of our kitchen team. We would like to express our sincere thanks to Ms. Thoa, Ms. Van, the kitchen team, and our security staff who worked so diligently to ensure that the students had a wonderful and meaningful time making Banh Chung.

Ms. Laurin – Marketing Coordinator

Please have a very happy and safe Tet holiday and we look forward to seeing all of our smiling students back at school on Monday, the 3rd of February.

Chúc mừng năm mới!

Ms. Sue


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