HAIS Headlines – Week 23

A Warm Welcome to Our Students

We are delighted to welcome our newest members of the HAIS community, Choi YooHyun and Tran Minh Duc,  who are joining us for the first time this week.

Minh Duc will be in the BiLingual 2 Class with Ms Linh and YooHyun will be in Ms Ainsley’s Grade 1.

HAIS Admissions Team

Innovative Learning

“The last couple of weeks has seen the HAIS campus closed to students due to a government directive designed to minimise the intermingling of students in order to reduce the risk of coronavirus.

While the campus may have been closed, the learning has been continuing in exciting, innovative ways.  Many teachers have been conducting lessons through SKYPE and/or Google Classroom and have been delivering these lessons in a way that has been both impactful and meaningful.

While this unfortunate time has been challenging for us all it has been wonderful to hear of so many parents who have been supporting and sharing their child’s learning with them.  As children grow, they will regularly be confronted with new challenges and different experiences and it is the way that they respond to these challenges that ultimately begins to define the type of adults that they will become.  As a parent or guardian, our encouragement, interest and support during such times makes the world of difference to your child both at home and in the classroom.

Growing up, learning new things, facing adversity and ‘falling down’ are all some of life’s guarantees.  The way in which we respond though speaks volumes of one’s character. At HAIS we endeavour to teach our students that when ‘life throws you lemons you need to make lemonade’ and we are lucky to have such a large number of our community who share this ‘can do’ attitude and positive approach to life.”

Mr. Brett, Vice Principal

School is  Open!

HAIS is ready and excited to open again on Monday, February 17th.  In summary, it will be business as usual with a few precautions (many of which were outlined by Ms. Sue in her letter on the 31st of January):

  • To help limit the shared contact areas, parents are asked to drop and pick their children up at the ‘green gates’;
  • Everyone entering the property will be temperature tested by the school staff (non intrusive testing);
  • Additional lessons/ reminders on health and hygiene will be delivered at school and many new soap and hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed;
  • Security guards and bus drivers will wear masks while working;
  • ECAs will commence on Monday, the 17th (providing that school is open) and an email from Administration has been sent to parents about this.
  • Outside deliverers will only be admitted into the school while wearing a protective mask or the items will be accepted at the gate;
  • Parents and visitors are welcome to attend school for the purpose of an appointment, but at this stage are not invited to stay on campus.

For any other questions regarding the re-opening of HAIS please contact the school directly.

HAIS Administration Team

Pining for Preschool

“Being at school without any little people running about has definitely felt a little strange. The Kindy teachers have been busy organising online learning for the children to engage with at home. The excitement in children was high as they saw their teacher/s reading stories and singing on Youtube and having learning conversations via Skype.

As teachers, we have been enjoying the challenge of online teaching, but we miss interacting and playing with the students.The Kindy team has been using their time at school to its full potential. We have been busy planning and preparing for future learning, creating new play spaces, sharing professional learning and trying our hand at becoming the next Youtube sensations. We look forward to having the little people back though, as school just isn’t as fun without them here.”

Ms. Hannah, Early Years Learning Lead

Successful Virtual Learning

“Teachers and students have been working together in online-tuition this week. The excitement was bubbling over on Monday as the children saw one another on Skype. Teachers are very proud of, and impressed with, the children’s efforts. Well done to all. It is wonderful to see how so many of the students have applied themselves to their work and have been submitting great work to their teachers. Well done to all involved.”

Ms. Aiofe, Primary Learning Lead


Our staff have been hard at work over the past few weeks. Our pool facility has been receiving it’s final touches and safety checks. A number of our staff have been undergoing lifeguard training to add an extra layer of safety for our students.

If we return to school on Monday, the swimming program will start during the existing PE timetabled classes.

Swimming will take place on

  • Mondays for Grade 3 – 4, CLS 1,2,3 and Grade 1 + Bil 1 & 2
  • Tuesdays for Grade 2 and Grade 5.
  • The Early Years classes will not start next week.

In order to participate in swim lessons, students will be required to bring their swim gear in a separate bag. Swim gear includes:

  • swimming suit
  • swimming cap ( available for purchase at the office)
  • a towel

Swimming caps are mandatory

Swim Vietnam will be delivering the lessons, the lessons will focus on water familiarisation, swimming technique water safety and activities.

HAIS staff have completed a Swim Vietnam LifeGuard course this week and all lessons will have a qualified lifeguard in attendance poolside.

The students will have regular PE during their second class of the week

Mr. Jeff, PSPE Teacher

Strategies to Maximise Mental Health and Wellbeing

“In my last submission for our HAIS Headlines I included the fourth entry in my list of strategies that research has shown can help our children (and adults) to maximise mental health and wellbeing.

Here is Number 5.

5: Wake up Early – This strategy really speaks for itself and depending on who is reading, it will be interpreted in many ways.  Therefore, all I will be adding to the strategy is a quote and I will leave the interpretation to the reader:

“Where is the Life we have lost in living?” (T.S Eliot)

Enjoy the weekend

Mr. Brett, Vice Principal

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