HAIS Headlines – Week 24

Challenging Times

“Current events are creating challenging circumstances for everyone world-wide, especially in Asia. Even though the Coronavirus has created challenges here at school, we recognize the impact it is having on our wider community as well. Our teachers have done an outstanding job to get their classes set up quickly so lessons could begin. This was new territory for our classroom teachers but they have learned so much and found wonderful links and resources. We applaud their professionalism and dedication. There is an enormous amount of research and planning that goes into these lessons.”

Appreciated Feedback

“Many thanks to our parents who have responded to our call for feedback regarding our lessons. There have been many positive responses from our families who are working with us to provide as much learning as possible for the students. Generally speaking, most students are accessing the learning opportunities. We have found the Kindy students love the teacher videos as they can replay and sing along!

We do like to have parent suggestions as this helps us improve what and how we are presenting. Originally, we had concentrated on the key learning areas, and after suggestions have amended to include additional sessions in other subjects. Many thanks to all of our parents who are helping to support student’s learning. We will continue to work together to get through this tough time.”

Sue Donaldson, Principal of Teaching & Learning

Getting Creative

“With no children to fill our rooms with laughter and joy, the Kindy staff have been getting creative in thinking of age-appropriate ways to engage little children with online learning. The Bilingual children have begun their ‘transport’ themed learning. At home, some children have built impressive boats and planes using recycled materials. Discovery children have been enjoying songs and stories, as well as being encouraged to make pictures with loose parts such as leaves, sticks and stones. International PK/JK have been inquiring into all things ‘minibeast’. They have been exploring their homes and natural environments for little critters. Have a look at some of the “loose parts” art teachers have been creating as examples for children to do at home. Loose Parts encourages creativity and the possibilities are only limited by your own imagination. What do you see in these two artworks? ”

Hannah White, International PK/JK Teacher, Early Years Learning Lead

Developing the Whole Child

“What a learning experience these past three weeks have been for both our students and our teachers! We have been adjusting our teaching and learning to be engaging, effective and flexible. In Grade One International, students have been engaging in both recorded videos of their teacher and individual Skype lessons and check-ins, allowing the student and teacher to spend quality one-on-one time together. Every day students in Grade One International are provided with lessons in math, literacy and discovery, which can include inquiry into a conceptual idea, science, or project-based learning. A reminder of how important it is for children to play outdoors is sent home almost daily! Did you know that children age 5 years to 13 years benefit from at least 4 to 5 hours of outdoor play a day? They need movement to stay engaged and to learn in school environments!

There are so many ways to effectively teach and learn from home. Students have been playing math games, such as Math Place Value BINGO, Roll and Record Doubles, Collect 20/30 Together and more. They have been practicing various ways to record their data, such as using ten frames, tally marks, counting on strategies and more. These games help to consolidate students’ number recognition, the importance of place value, different strategies for addition and subtraction and more!

Students are Skyping one-on-one with me to read aloud books that are differentiated at their own reading level. Some students have even created their own stories to read and shared them! Students are then sent feedback about their reading strengths and a goal.

We have been incorporating nature, imagination and literacy into our Discovery Hour. This week students listened to the read aloud “Leaf Man” by Denise Jackson. They then went outside to collect pieces of old nature to use to create their own version of a Leaf Man character in a setting. Students then practiced their descriptive writing to explain their creations. We have such creative thinkers in Grade One International!”

Ainsley Cameron, International Grade One Teacher

The Learning Continues

“For Secondary, we are in a fortunate position of already using a lot of digital education tools prior to the forced school closures. Each student is already experienced with google.classroom, docs and slides, meaning the teachers can continue to issue work and give high-level marking and feedback as per usual. Additionally, teachers have upskilled themselves and quickly learned how to use google.meets to host interactive teaching experiences that allow the students to participate in regular live lessons and follow their regular school timetable.

So whilst this is a unique and unpredictable situation, I am really pleased with the adaptability of our secondary students and teachers in ensuring high quality teaching and learning continues.”

Alex Varley, Secondary Learning Lead and Cambridge Coordinator

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