HAIS Headlines – Week 25

Learning All About The Transport

“This is the fourth week of no children at school, however our teaching and learning in Bilingual PKJK is progressing well. This month, our students have been learning all about transport. This has been a great experience for them to connect their learning from the classroom to their world outside of the green gates. Learning always starts at home and what better way to learn about the world around you than to explore all different kinds of transport. Children experience transport everyday, whether it be on a bicycle, motorbike, car, bus, boat or by foot. We are mindful of online screen-time and have made conscious effort to supply learning engagements that are offline where children can be moving around or being creative.

This week Bilingual PKJK have watched videos of stories being read, explored poems, sang songs and completed physical challenges. We are slowly getting used to this mode of learning and the children are always so excited to see each other and their teacher online. A stand out moment this week was when everyone followed instructions on how to make a paper areoplane via SKYPE. I hope the children have enjoyed playing with the planes at home.”

Cô Hường and Teacher Jo, Bilingual Kindergarten Teachers

Learning Made Fun!

“This week, the Bilingual Primary teachers have been focused on inspiring our students to learn in creative and fun ways. Recently, I have discovered and integrated several educational games into my lessons, to keep the students enthused about their learning while away from school.

For History and Geography, the favorite games have been “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” and “In Search of Treasure”. Our students are very excited about this and have been reporting on a lot of new facts and terminology that they have learned!”

Kiều Thị Thảo, Bilingual Grade 3&4 Teacher

Getting Surreal

“Year 9 students have been learning about the Surrealist art movement and trying out Surrealist methods of art making. Surrealists valued the subconscious and many strove to make “automatic” art, in which they created art without a preconceived idea. Students tried out entopic graphomania, in which the artist creates a line drawing based on the imperfections found on a piece of paper. They also practiced cubomania, where an image is cut into squares and randomly reassembled. These processes require very simple supplies, but often inspire great works of art.

Currently, our Year 9s are experimenting with digital art making tools to create Surreal collages. Their first attempts have been impressive and I am certain we will soon have some Surrealist masterpieces of our own!”

Amanda Deibert, Art Teacher & Specialist Subject Lead

Facility Enhancements

“Not only have our teachers been very hard at work with developing their teaching strategies, but so have our non-teaching staff. With a some-what less populated campus, our HAIS team has been seizing the opportunity to make several facility-related enhancements.

The pool facility has received more wonderful additions. It has been outfitted with a lifeguard office, we have more equipment for swim lessons, additional safety equipment has been installed, and the pool deck has received some new decor. A big ‘thank you’ to Mr. Duy for all of his hard work.

The garden has been ever-changing lately. Our Gardener, Ms. Thùy, has been turning over the ground, planting new vegetables and herbs for the kitchen to use, and building trellises for vining plants. My favorite thing is that she has been potting numerous plants from the garden and placing them in rooms all over campus for the students and staff to have fresher air to breathe. In case anyone was wondering, the chickens are all still well!

The fine arts rooms are also receiving a revamp. Mrs. Amanda has been rearranging the art room to accommodate a broad range of fine art and craft skills and Mr. Tass is installing equipment for an exciting new program! See our HAIS Facebook posts for more information.

We can’t wait to see the returning students’ surprised reactions about the above changes, and also all of the creative changes within their classrooms. It will be quite the ‘welcome back!’”

Amanda Gustin, Administration Coordinator

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