HAIS Headlines – Week 27

Responding to Change

“This ongoing situation with the Coronavirus is beginning to strike closer to home with many suspected cases and even one confirmed in Hoi An.

When this event began, few anticipated it’s potential for such rapid growth.

Luckily, at HAIS, we were well prepared and able to immediately begin the online learning as a whole day program: The teachers at school provided lessons, activities, online lessons, lesson plans and materials, and online learning throughout the day. They also spent a lot of time either preparing videos, lessons or resources. As well, they marked work and provided feedback on student work directly.

The feedback received was that parents were concerned about the amount of screen time for the students and that they (and the parents)  had little time to play.

In response to that, and to provide staff with less exposure to infection, this last week the teachers have worked a half day and provided a reduced program from home. They have provided less online time, while still providing lessons, feedback, and additional materials. Planning, preparation and marking was timetabled in the half day. Parents are also  to receive a tuition credit for this half day period.

At the end of next week after two weeks of half day learning, the parents of each sector (Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary) will be provided with the opportunity to express how they feel their children’s needs can be best met if this situation continues. We look forward to hearing from you next week.”

Sue Donaldson, Principal of Teaching & Learning

Willingness To Learn

“As we delve into our fifth week of online learning, students have really adapted to learning online. This week, we are teaching and learning over half days and teachers are now working from home. Ms. Stephanie has quite literally taken the classroom into her home, shipping furniture to create the best classroom for her students! Hats off to you, Ms. Stephanie and thank you for your dedication.

The levels of commitment from students, parents and HAIS staff alike, really exert the community spirit and enthusiasm towards learning. Our attitudes towards learning really drive our vehemence in how we approach and achieve.This is a challenging time for us all but there have also been many positives which we should take time to reflect upon and be grateful for. Teachers have noted how well students are working independently, taking responsibility and ownership of their own learning. Students have been engaging in wonderful dialogue over Skype. The children are still engaging in lessons with an eagerness and willingness to learn and despite the challenges of teaching and learning online, students are still engaging in active learning with the support and encouragement of their outstanding teachers.”

“I will teach tiny humans here or there, I will teach tiny humans everywhere!”- Dr. Seuss.

Ms. Aoife Mullaney – Grade 3/4  Teacher, Primary Learning Lead

The Rigorous Equipment and Safety Standards

“Despite forced school closures HAIS continues to move forwards. This week our refurbished science laboratory has been fitted with a fume hood, eye wash station and water distillation apparatus.

The fume hood will allow the science teacher and students to conduct practical investigations that are potentially not suitable for the open classroom. Inside the fume hood a vacuum fan extracts any gases given off by an experiment, and a transparent safety screen allows a great view of reactions whilst protecting observers from any dangers.

The eye wash station adds an extra layer of health and safety during practical investigations, and the capability to produce distilled water will be hugely valuable during chemistry experiments.

Together these three items help HAIS to meet the rigorous equipment and safety standards required by Cambridge for HAIS to offer IGCSE and A-level science subjects. Further additions will be made in the near future as HAIS invests in offering the best possible education for our learners.”

Alex Varley, Secondary Learning Lead and Cambridge Coordinator

A Warm Welcome to Our New Family

 “We are delighted to welcome the newest member of our community, Noelle Yunna Yeoh, who will be joining International JK with Ms. Hannah and Ms.Chau from April.

Carrying Malaysian heritage, we are so proud that Noelle’s family has added to the multi-cultural diversity of HAIS. We wish Noelle a wonderful learning journey at HAIS and look forward to welcoming her through our green gate soon.”

Leo Trang Nguyen, Admissions & Sales Coordinator

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