HAIS Headlines – Week 28

A Mom’s Diary

 “When the Lunar New Year holiday ended, Gao was very excited to return to school to see his friends and teachers at HAIS. CoVid-19 forced the school to be closed and Gao was staying home with great disappointment. He wished to go back to school to meet his friends and teachers. He had been missing the school very much, especially the Cricket Garden. He was also looking forward to using the swimming pool because he remembered his teacher saying that the new swimming pool would be ready to use after Tet break.

Due to the prolonged epidemic situation, the Government mandated to continue closing schools. It was a great surprise to know that HAIS would conduct the online classroom as an alternative way of teaching and learning. We created a separate Skype account to interact with online classes and Gao was no longer sad because of missing friends and teachers. It was great because the interesting online lessons made my little boy wake up early every morning, wait for the class to begin, and get excited to sit at the desk to do online learning with his teacher.

It must be confessed that learning from home is not the same as at school because the learning tools and environment are somewhat lacking. However, thanks to the assistance from the community of parents and teachers, Gao has experienced how online learning can be successful and so have I. Every morning I am very excited for my child’s class time as I know I would hear his dear voice with the regular question “Mama, can you help me?”. I also study with him every day, helping him to prepare the materials for the daily subjects such as science…

One day the school delivered the school bags to each student’s house. Gao received one with his name on it, along with books, crafts materials, school supplies and prepared lesson plans from Mrs. Stephanie. Looking at my son happily opening his bag and eager to join the online classes with the teachers, I felt deeply touched. When the delivery team visited our house last time, they brought a library bag to exchange books for Gao and they also gave a cactus, neatly placed in a pot shaped like a white porcelain piano with a note on the back “Don’t forget to water the plant with 1 teaspoon, 2 times a week Gạo.”

These simple things have shown my son and my family that we are very lucky to still be provided full learning with such great care from the school. We would like to thank you HAIS, very much!”

Mrs. Quyen, Mother of Gao, student at INT Grade 2

HAIS Bag Brigade

The ‘HAIS Delivery Team’ takes great pride in delivering the learning packs that teachers are preparing each Friday for their students.

First thing on Saturday morning, as the sun is rising into the sky, the ‘HAIS Delivery Team’ is busy collating bags, packing cars and then setting off to deliver the bags which are chock full of learning materials for the following week. Apart from the aid to learning the bags are a way for the teachers to remind the students that we are missing them are looking forward to their return to campus.

A highlight for us was seeing all the happy faces when we delivered their potted cacti last week. A plant that exudes survival and resilience the cactus plant is a reminder that tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Don’t forget to water your cactus once or twice a week and be sure to keep an eye out for the ‘HAIS Delivery Team’ tomorrow.

Ms Phuc, Teaching Assistant Lead

Thanks to Our Kindy Parents

 “After more than a month of online learning, the Bilingual Discovery youtube channel has a lot of videos with many different topics and skills uploaded daily. However, because the children are in the discovery stage, sitting still and concentrating on their studies can be somewhat more challenging. This is why we strive to design our lessons to be as varied and engaging as possible.

After two weeks of experimenting with sending home materials, we have received positive feedback from parents. In our home-learning pack there are specific documents for parents to help guide their children effectively to learn. So far, this method has been met with great success! The learning packs sent home are designed to help the children in a variety of different skills, including but not limited to; cutting, gluing, using manipulatives to count, coloring, through lessons designed to help develop their emotional intelligence.

In addition, outdoor lessons are always included to help children develop across the board. Play has always been encouraged at kindy ages, and through play the students are able to demonstrate creativity, emotional development and other skills.

During this period we really must give thanks to the parents. Your support is an interactive bridge for us. We all hope to see our students soon because school is not the same without the laughter of children.”

Ms. Duyen Nguyen, Bilingual Discovery Homeroom Teacher

Student Welfare is Our Priority

 “We are all very aware of the impact upon our students of this indefinite period of distance online learning. So as a team the secondary teachers would like to pass on and share some ideas and tips to help our students make maximum progress during this period.

Mr. Alex: ‘Check your email and Google Classroom regularly. That way you can stay organised and plan your day’

Mr. Dan: ‘Find a comfortable and quiet space to ensure successful work.’

Ms. Hannah: ‘Communicate with and support your classmates.’

Mr. Tass: ‘Make sure you are on time for Google Meet calls. If you are going to be late or absent, please email your teacher in advance.’

Mrs. Julie: ‘Take breaks, play, rest, be active!’

Mrs. Amanda: ‘Communicate with your teachers. If you are finding anything challenging, reach out so that we can help. You can reach your teachers through Google Classroom or by sending them an email.’

Mr. Alex Varley, Science Teacher, Secondary Learning Lead and Cambridge Coordinator

Our Upcoming Academic Scholarship Programme

 “We are very happy to inform you that HAIS will be introducing our Academic Scholarship Programme early next week to the broader community. With the purpose of recognising and supporting outstanding academic achievement, we are going to offer a limited number of both full and means-tested scholarships for new students entering Grade 3 (Bilingual Programme), Year 4, Year 7 and Year 10 (Cambridge International Programme) for the 2020-2021 Academic Year through a series of comprehensive tests and interviews.

We would ask that our HAIS community will assist in promoting this unique opportunity by sharing this information with friends and family throughout Vietnam and also the world. An email will be sent to you soon to introduce the application process and other information such as the terms and conditions of the programme. Thanks in advance for your support and we are looking forward to launching our Academic Scholarship Programme soon.”

Ms.Trang Nguyen (Leo), Admissions Coordinator

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