HAIS Headlines – Week 30

“Do We Have School Tomorrow?”

 “Emilie and Camille are new students at HAIS, but everyone has been so supportive and welcoming that they have adapted super fast. Their ‘new school’ became ‘their school’ in a matter of days. But soon a new challenge came to their lives, and this time it involved the whole community, the whole world, and the girls had to adapt to new circumstances again. The time they spent at HAIS and the time they have been learning from home are now equal.

I believe that children are very resilient and they are the ones who teach us how to make the best out of every situation. With a bit of positive thinking and organisation, we are taking everything day by day.

Emilie enjoys her online lessons. She uses her iPad and headphones and we created a special space just for her. Mrs. Stephanie has been very organised and delivers the classes through Skype as if they were at school, with the whiteboard in the background and trying to engage them, making it interactive. She also created a Skype group just for playing, so the children could talk to each other outside of learning time. Emilie loves her Art classes too, Mirs. Amanda guides the children through the different activities and Emilie was very happy and proud of creating her own puppets and then a video with them.

Camille feels it’s a bit strange to see her classmates and teacher on the screen, so she doesn’t talk very much when they are on Skype, but she enjoys the read aloud videos that Ms. Hannah sends them and she goes through other activities in the mornings. She moves through the different rooms in the house, sometimes she just sits next to her sister and curiously watches her perform experiments during the science lessons.In the afternoon, they have P.E. at home. For us, that’s swimming and rollerblading! I think this time at home has taught them to be more connected to each other, as sisters and as friends.

It has been 9 weeks of online learning, and we are getting into a routine, but every Sunday they still ask me: Do we have school tomorrow? I’m just hoping I can say ‘Yes!’ very soon.”

Virginia Lopez, Emilie and Camille’s Mom

Find Your Passion, Realize Your Dream…

 “Last week Bilingual PK/JK learned about popular jobs in society. Firstly, we met Ms. Thuy – the school nurse, to hear her teach us how to wash our hands and how to wear masks properly. Secondly, we watched a video from Ms. Thuy – the school gardener who shared about her work. Finally, we learned about lots of different outside professions that make up our society.

With this knowledge and understanding the students then expressed their dream jobs. Suri said:”I want to be a nurse and a chef”, Bi said:”I want to be a chef”, An said that he wanted to be a police officer, and Jessica said that she wanted to open a school just like her mother.

Ask yourself, what is your dream? Who do you want to be? What do you want to do? Just remember that no matter what, HAIS will always be here help you.

Find your passion and realize your dream.”

Mr. Joseph Darby and Ms. Huong Pham, Bilingual Early Years Teachers

Meet Our Astronauts!

 “Online learning hasn’t stopped the wonderful students in Grades 3 & 4 International from giving incredible presentations to conclude their Science unit about Earth in space.

The students created space backgrounds and costumes to get them into their roles as astronauts. These incredibly knowledgeable astronauts then participated in a questions-and-answers session about space. The facts they have learned and the detail in which they could discuss so many incredible concepts, was just mind blowing!

Chaea taught us that our taste buds are not as effective in space as they are here on Earth. Orlando explained nebulas’ and how they’re formed. Josh informed us that it takes approximately 3.5 hours to return to Earth from space and that the G-force upon return makes it difficult to breathe as it’s compared to having the weight of four people on your chest! [Wow!] Logan explained how astronauts can communicate with us here on Earth by using transmitters and receivers. Also, did you know that astronauts on the ISS experience 15-16 sunsets each day? So many interesting facts and what a great way to complete our unit on Earth in Space!

For all of the challenges that CV-19 has created, there are so many positives we should try to focus on. Chaea, Logan, Orlando and Josh are just four examples of how online learning can be successful. Not only have they worked independently and have supported one another, but they have also laughed a lot throughout this experience. Mostly, they’ve kept the magic alive in learning. Whether you learn at home, in school, on a deserted island or on the moon, you are still learning. To have knowledge is to have power and to share it is priceless.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the four HAIS astronauts for teaching me so many wonderful things about Earth in space. Also, a huge thanks to their parents for their continued support and enthusiasm towards learning.

Let’s continue to work together and support one another to make the most of our online learning. Share knowledge. Take an interest. Be active. Engage in discussions. Why not flip the table and ask your children, ‘But why?’, “Why?’, “How?”. What can they teach you!

Wishing safety, happiness and good health to all of our community.”

Ms. Aoife Mullaney, International Grade 3/4 Teacher, Primary School Learning Lead

Becoming A Part of History

 “Our grade 8 students are recording a journal of their experiences during SARS-COV-2 pandemic. A place for them to record, in real-time, what life is like today. Somewhere they can record their thoughts, wonderings, and feelings. This will be something they will be able to share with their children and their grandchildren. It will help to create a tangible, primary source of their own history.

We’ll be using both video (Flipgrid) and written forms from time to time to record our experiences. As parents, I would encourage you to speak with your children about what they are seeing around them, what they are thinking and how we can safeguard ourselves in a productive way. Like our 8th graders, you may like to encourage your children to record their experiences…through drawings, photos, writing or video – whatever works best for you.”

Mrs. Julie Elliot, English Teacher

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