HAIS Headlines – Week 31

My Home Learning Experience

 “Since Tet we have not been able to have our classes at school due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. During this time lessons have been a mixture of on-line learning and also through materials sent home in our HAIS bags.

The best part about the HAIS bags is getting them and knowing that our teachers still care. One day the HAIS Delivery Team gave our family a cactus and since then we have been looking after it – they were great because they reminded us of our resilience and bravery through times like this.

Our online lessons have been enjoyable because any time we come on we are greeted with happy faces and we are able to catch up even though we are not altogether. On Skype, we are also able to have group chats so friends are able to stay close and talk with each other.

During this time, I have learned to become a lot more creative and have found ways to use things around the house. I have realized that we do not have to go out to buy everything. For example, on the weekend I made a desk organizer out of Pringles containers and cardboard rolls. My mum and I spent half a day collecting materials and working on the project.

While being at home I have been able to become more involved in my siblings schoolwork. I have helped Paige with her Razkids reading, it is amazing to see how much better she is getting every day. I have also been able to help Logan on his astronaut project, though I really just sat back and encouraged him while he and mum did all the hard work. They have also been able to help me with things too. I had to do a science project that was about Lava Lamps and they helped me do the whole experiment and film it for science class.

I have learned that my mum is a lot stricter than teachers and she pushes me even more. Who would have known that you get more work from mums than teachers? But lately I have been realizing (along with others I’m sure) that you actually get more work at home from teachers then at school. Mr. Matt has also been getting us to do practice tests, which mum makes sure I do as she keeps telling me that these will help me prepare for my May checkpoint exams and also for the start of high school. We are both very excited about me starting high school next year.

Even though I am isolated at home we still get outside a lot. My mum created a challenge called ‘The Macdouall Olympics’. Basically, there is 12 activities such as sit-ups, squats and swimming laps and to make it fair whatever our final score for each activity is, we have to divide it by our age, so I need to divide mine by 10 and dad needs to divide his by 45! I’m so excited about the challenge as we are all training together as a family and it gets us off the computers.

Over the last few months doing online learning has taught me to take better care of my schoolwork and organization as well as my time management. At first, I would finish our lessons and not think about the homework until mum reminded me, but I have now learned that if I just get it done then I don’t have to think about it and it’s a lovely feeling knowing that I have nothing due and I don’t have to do any work.

Not going to school has definitely made me miss handball and games with my friends but I know that it won’t be long until we will all be back because Viet Nam is doing really well and hopefully soon, we won’t have any more cases.

Even though we are the ones that “have the hard job of learning” we should remember to say thank you to our teachers too. I know that teachers are doing a lot of planning and preparing for our classes. I have seen Paige’s Vietnamese teacher, Co Vy give Paige yoga lessons online. I have seen Ms Aoife play Angles Bingo with Logan and Mr Matt and Co Phuc doing lots of great things with me in my lessons. I know that this is all to help us continue to learn and add fun to our day and I would like to say a very big THANK YOU!”

Jade Macdouall, Grade 5

Blue Skies Ahead

 “Every morning the SK class has circle time to greet each other and share what we have been up to at home. This week we have been delving deep in learning exciting things about our planet, such as extreme weather and natural disasters.

The children have learned about a variety of natural phenomena, from twisters to tidal waves and everything in between. We were shocked at first but that quickly turned to fascination when we saw photos of flooding, hailstorms, tornadoes and many other extreme weather events. Jack got ice from the fridge when he saw a picture of hail and said, ‘I also have it at home!’. When Di saw photos of a tornado, he exclaimed, ‘Oh my gosh, the volcano erupted!

As well as learning about extreme weather, we have been keeping our body and mind strong by practicing yoga together. It has been wonderful to see our students show commitment to their learning as well as sharing giggles and having fun.

We thank the SK parents for their ongoing support with our online learning journey. Why not try some weather experiments at home? They are a great bonding activity and a fantastic invitation for children to interact with the world around them.”

Ms. Vy & Teacher Jo, Bilingual Kindergarten Teachers

Hop on Over to Grade Two!

 “Hello from Grade Two International! This week has been all about Easter fun, and we have been very busy. Over the last few weeks we have decorated eggs, created bunny bookmarks and made Easter baskets. We even made an Easter egg hunt using the mapping skills we are learning in math!

The April Fool’s disguise contest for Art Class created quite a buzz in grade two. They really went all out on their costumes, and it inspired us to create “Spirit Week.”

For Spirit Week, we created five daily themes for the week: pajama day, backwards day, crazy hair day, silly hat day and on Friday everyone dressed like an Easter bunny! On backwards day we wrote a secret (backwards) message to moms and dads during English. We finished off the week with a Skype Easter party! Lucy said, “It feels like we are back in school!” It was a fantastic week of fun and reconnecting, and I’m excited to see what else online learning has in store for us!”

Ms. Stephanie, Grade 2 Teacher, Language Learning Lead

Introducing “HAIS Meets”

 “As part of a new initiative by HAIS Secondary School, on Friday the secondary students engaged in the second ‘HAIS Meets’ event. Following on from the success of the first event involving illustrators from DC comics, our secondary cohort were joined for an online discussion with Microbiologist and Ecologist Caroline Varley. Each student took it in turn to ask their science and career questions to Caroline. Who in turn then asked the students about their interests and ideas about science. The event was a huge success and the students demonstrated great maturity and intelligence as they interacted with our special guest.

The Secondary students conducted their 3rd HAIS meets event this week as they were joined online by Dr James Varley, an ICU consultant and anaesthetist specialist from the UK. Our special guest answered the students questions about the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic as well as how to enter a career in medicine. Once again the students demonstrated a keen interest in the subject and asked some very intelligent questions.

Well done to our students and thank you to our guest Dr. James Varley.”

Alex Varley, Science Teacher and Secondary Learning Lead

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