HAIS Headlines – Week 33

School is Likely to Reopen Soon!

“We are finally seeing some signs that schools in Vietnam may resume classes in the near future. At the time of writing, there is no defined date or indication of any provisos, however the government has provided a lengthy list of preparations and expectations of schools and indicated that reopening will happen soon.

HAIS is implementing all the necessary conditions to ensure that students can once again enjoy their learning and friendships in a safe and infection-free environment.

Parents will also need to play a role in maintaining our healthy environment as we work together to educate the children regarding safe distancing and cleanliness habits. Detailed information will be forwarded to parents in the near future so that they have time to prepare. One thing though that is certain  is that all families will be required to submit a family medical report to HAIS before a student(s) is permitted to be back on campus. This is a definitive government mandate and may be something that families would like to start organising now in anticipation of students being allowed back on school grounds.

When the government confirms that classes are allowed to be attended on the school site, online classes will cease. The Administration staff will continue to be in contact with parents about their Community Support Campaign benefits.

As soon as we have all the required information from the authorities we will email all parents directly.

Sunny days ahead!”

Ms. Sue Donaldson, Principal of Teaching & Learning

Earth Day for our Youngest Learners

“Earth Day is a big event that we celebrate every year to raise awareness, educate our students about the environment, and develop a love for nature. At Hoi An International School, our Bilingual Discovery class practices daily love for nature by taking care of the chickens, watering and tending to the plants, and by practicing Earthly mindfulness through outdoor yoga.

We love to show our appreciation for our surroundings. For our youngest students, the activities that they have expressed the most excitement have been watering seedlings and seeing them sprout, reading and singing songs about the environment, and turning all of the lights off and enjoying time together by candlelight.

So, what can children of all ages do at home to protect the environment?

  1. Water and tend to their own plants.
  2. Plant a tree in the garden.
  3. Practice composting
  4. Turn off the faucets when not in direct use (while showering,  washing their hands, and brushing their teeth).
  5. Cut down the use of electricity by playing outdoors more.
  6. Read books instead of watching TV or playing on the phone.
  7. Eat more produce instead of meat and packaged foods.

One small environmental action can be of great significance, especially in the developmental stages of our lives. For Earth Day, or any day of the year, grow and share your sustainable actions so that we can spread influence throughout our communities.”

Ms. Duyen Nguyen, Bilingual Early Years English Teachers

The Importance of Reading

“All throughout this time of learning online, our reading habits are still maintained every week in Bilingual Grade 3/4. Each time we read, the students bring interesting and exciting ideas. For us, reading is a creative endeavour: We read and then play with our stories through games, making crafts, and expressing through drawings, all related to the books we read.

This week, the story “Pineapple” has taught us why there are so many “pineapple eyes” on each pineapple and why pineapples have evolved to what they are today. The underlying message of this book is that of mother and child affection; how love is passed down from mother to mother and is infinite in our world.”

Ms.Thao Kieu, Bilingual Grade 3&4 Teacher

This week on “HAIS Meets”

“As part of our HAIS Meets Initiative, the Secondary Department invited two more guest speakers to share their experiences with our students. Last Friday, they had the opportunity to speak with Arek Siekiera, the Senior Software Developer for Emotiv, a company based in San Francisco that specialises in cutting-edge neurotechnology using ultra-portable EEG Brainwear®, intuitive software, cloud computing, and machine learning. He talked about his role as a computer programmer in developing and fine tuning the software that receives and processes the data, and the artificial intelligence that learns as it analyses the data for patterns.

On Wednesday of this week, we invited Joshua Sinclair, the Studio Manager & Sr. Graphic Designer for Toronto-based BT/A Advertising. He spoke with the students about his journey as an artist; from starting as a Grade 3 student carrying his sketchbook around and drawing superheroes, to being a freelance sign and mural painter, to managing a team of nine and being the Lead Designer in a large advertising agency in Canada’s largest city. His advice to young artists was “to always keep drawing, and never be afraid to fail.”

Mr. Dan Maguire, Secondary Math & ICT Teacher

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