HAIS Headlines – Week 35

Welcome back to HAIS

Hello All,

A very warm welcome to all of our families who were able to have their children start back at school on Monday morning.  We were delighted that so many were able to return.  In total we had 48 students return through our Green Gate which was a treat for the school, the teachers and all our staff.  Our team here at HAIS were well prepared and were able to check children’s temperatures and get them into classes effectively.

We have also received a welcome relief that the wearing of masks and social distancing in the classroom is no longer a requirement.  Plus we are now permitted to use air conditioning in the classrooms throughout the day, which is a welcome relief with the hot weather already upon us.

We ask that all of our families continue their safety measures at home, so we can ensure the ongoing return and safety of all students. It’s been so wonderful to be back and we will continue to work together to keep this happening.

I look to getting back to the school and seeing you all soon.

Sue Donaldson


Keeping Safe

Welcome back to school!  This week we finally welcomed our students back after a long break. The kids were delighted to be back, as were the teachers and we are off to a great start already. We discussed what we did during the break and talked about the safety of practicing good hygiene. We even learned a new song called ‘Wash Your Hands Dance’ with Baby Shark and used dance to help remind us to always wash our hands.  It was great fun for both the kids and teachers in learning a new song.  Stay tuned, the video is coming soon!

Ms Huong & Mr Jo

“Céad Míle Fáilte” One hundred thousand welcomes!

We feel so fortunate to be able to welcome our students back through the green gates of HAIS. Despite wearing masks, we can see the smiles in each others’ eyes and excitement in our voices. There has been non-stop laughter, giggling and kindness on campus since we returned. “Absence makes the heart grow fonder,” and this is clear to see in the enthusiasm and eagerness of both the students and HAIS staff, back together on our campus. We are so lucky to have you all back with us and are so grateful for each and every one of you. Our wonderful community is what makes us so special.

The students in upper primary have been collaborating in Math and Coding lessons this week. As we have all had a lot of screen time during the online learning, we have moved to coding Beebots and robots. ChaeA, Josh, Hannah and Alex combined their problem solving skills and knowledge of coding to guide their Beebots and robots through various mazes. The students will continue to progress through these challenges by calculating the distance travelled by the devices.  They will then use this data to create mazes that are both challenging and can accurately measure the movements of the devices.

Welcome back everyone!

Ms Aoife, Primary Teacher

The Power of Poetry

The Year 9’s have been investigating the question ‘What is Poetry?’, thinking critically about what makes poetry different from other forms of literature.  Students brainstormed their initial thinking of what poetry is using the collaborative website Padlet. Students then reviewed different possible definitions for poetry, choosing ones they liked and then reflected on the reasons for this. After reading a variety of poems to inquire into a poet’s self-expression, style and creativity, we choose to delve into free verse poetry in more depth. Students will be taking what they’ve learnt and putting it into practice in their own writing. Stay tuned for some poetic masterpieces!

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