HAIS Headlines – Week 8

Dear Parents,

The first 8 weeks of the new school year has flown, and it has certainly been a fun-filled period for our students with plenty of opportunities for developing both inside and outside of the classroom.

Each day I endeavour to be out and about whether it be before school, during snack and lunch and I am always so proud of what I see – students from HAIS who are confident, responsible, innovative and engaged individuals who are developing the ability to think from a local and a global perspective.

HAIS might be young in age but we are making some great strides in the world of education and as a community, we are working hard every day to cement our school as a vibrant, energetic and optimistic place to be.

Some Strategies to Maximise Mental Health and Wellbeing

In my last submission for our HAIS Headlines, I included the first entry in my list of strategies that research has shown can help our children (and adults) to maximize mental health and wellbeing.

Here is Number 2.

2. Eat Well – A nutritious balanced diet regulates energy levels, which can help with stress management. A healthy diet means lots of fresh, non-processed foods like lean meat, fruit, and veggies and not too much sugar and caffeine. It’s also important to remember that children have different nutritional needs to adults and what may seem like a great eating plan for adults might create nutritional shortcomings for young children.

New Faces

I am very happy to announce our newest member of staff – Mr. Alex Varley. Alex will take on the position of Secondary Lead and Cambridge International Education Co-ordinator.

Alex is a very experienced educator with over 15 years of teaching experience in the UK and Southeast Asia. Before coming to HAIS, Alex held a variety of roles in schools including; Assistant Principal, Head of Science, STEM Coordinator, and SEN Coordinator. Alex is also an outstanding coach of football.

Please make sure to welcome Alex to our community if you see him around campus.

Mr. Brett – Vice-Principal

Through small actions, we can achieve great things

In Discovery we’ve been busy improving our motor skills. The children have been making their playdough and using it to make cakes and pizzas. They have experimented with a wide variety of tools and materials; drawing on mirrors and banana leaves, and writing using a stick as a pen! Our interest in scooping and pouring has led us to explore a wide variety of materials, containers and pouring methods. It is always a pleasure watching the children learn through each sensory experience.

Ms. Holly – International Discovery Teacher

Going Green with Grade 5

Grade 5 has been hard at work coming up with solutions for problems that they have identified in the community. These problems include climate change, pollution, education inequality, and poverty. Students will be collaborating with other classes and experts in our community to make a change.

For example, we will be collecting plastic bottles from the beach and the community to build a greenhouse out of plastic bottles to help with the pollution problem, and hopefully, provide some food for people in need. This week, they did some investigative math, and found out this project will require nearly 1000 1.5L bottles! If you have any bottles, or you know of a place that is littered with plastic, we need your help!

Mr. Matt – International Grade 5

Hello / Bonjour / Xin Chào

As the new science teacher at HAIS, I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to all students, parents, and guardians.

Having arrived very recently to Hoi An from Saigon, I am still learning about the school, the students, my new colleagues and the beautiful town of Hoi An. However, I am already amazed by the focused, determined and inquisitive nature of the students, the supportive and caring approach of the teachers and the fantastic site that students are lucky to learn in.

Midterm reports have been sent home with your child today summarising their progress. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Mr. Alex – Secondary Learning Lead & Cambridge Coordinator

In the land of books

Be sure to take the opportunity to visit our delightful library. There is a wonderful display of books in both English and Vietnamese that covers a wide range of topics.

The library has been working closely with the teachers to provide materials and support for their teaching programmes and activities around the school.

Borrowing books from the library is a chance for children to enhance their vocabulary, expand their world and learn responsibility.

We ask that all parents ensure that their children keep their books safe and in good condition. Should a book be lost or damaged beyond repair, we ask that parents replace these books.

Ms. Sue – Principal

The HAIS Global Community

HAIS has been abuzz with excitement as the planning and preparation for the upcoming International Week unfolds.

Teachers, parents, and students have been actively working at making this one of the best events, as they embrace all cultures and values of the HAIS community.

Our library team tasked students to create human paper figurines and place a flag with their respective nationalities on it. They then created a display of all the nationalities within the HAIS family that represent the diversity and interconnectedness of our school. Please feel free to take a walk up to the library to view the students’ display.

Teachers have been actively working alongside parents to host workshops educating students about various cultures within the grade levels and we cannot wait to see what our students, parents, and teachers have put together.

Ms. An – CEO & Founder

Important Dates for Students:

21 – 23 October: Cultural Workshops

Important Dates for HAIS Community

24 October: Food Fair

25 October: Parade of Nations

I hope everyone has a relaxing break full of laughter and fun and I look forward to seeing you all back at school on Monday, 21st October.

Mr. Brett – Vice Principal

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