HAIS LIFE November 2020

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The teaching and learning journey that we embarked on for the month of November was not only exciting but saw several new initiatives and firsts for our school.

1. Our Early Years campus was transformed into an Animal Wonderland, allowing our students an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the themes discussed in the classroom.

2. Our International Primary teachers focused on a guided reading initiative. This initiative was aimed at reading development, building confidence and allowing our students to share their ideas and insights with their peers. For our Upper-Primary students, this guided reading programme was an essential first
step in developing our student’s ability to infer and interpret.

3. Our Bilingual Primary team explored new ways and shared strategies on how best to deliver lessons in Vietnamese to our Bilingual Primary students.

4. The Secondary team’s initiative for teaching and learning was developed by incorporating differentiation and collaboration into the classroom. This departmental approach to differentiation
will not only enhance learning and thinking, but it will ensure that our teachers are continually discussing new ways of designing activities that are relevant and engaging for our secondary students.

HAIS is a school that is proudly committed to the needs of all our students and this month saw our entire teaching staff take part in the Made by Dyslexia, Connect the Spots, Dyslexia Awareness Training. This training was structured to provide teachers with the understanding and skills required to spot, support and empower every dyslexic child.

We hope you enjoy reading HAIS LIFE – November Edition!

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