HAIS Summer School Headlines #1

Hello Parents,

Where It All Began

We have had a fantastic first week at summer camp! Sports week was a huge hit with the kids. They enjoyed learning about badminton, swimming, golf, dance, music, basketball, and circus. Cooperative games and teamwork is the perfect way to break the ice with a group of kids, most of whom do not know each other and it has been a great way for them to meet new friends. We offered a variety of sports for the children to learn in hopes that even just one may realize their hidden talent.


The Hole In One

We had quite a few highlights this week, but the top three favorites from the kids were definitely golfing at Vinpearl, swimming and the water fight. The kids got the opportunity to have a private golf lesson at Vinpearl. They learned how to putt and drive balls from very knowledgeable teachers. To top it off we got to ride in a golf cart and see some deer! The swimming lessons were fantastic. The kids not only practiced swimming but will also be learning life-saving skills throughout the camp, not to mention that it is also the best way to cool off on a hot day. The kids have been buzzing about the water fight all week and today was the day! The kids were happy to have the lower and upper groups combined for the fight, but the best part was definitely soaking Mr. Steve and Mr. Jason!


From The Mouths of Babes:

Long (kindergarten) “Water guns were the best because I very like them”

Chloe (kindergarten) “I liked swimming at the beach”

Ruby (lower) “The water fight was best because my sister was there”

Kayla (lower) “I like music because we play instruments”

Flora (lower) “I like dancing and doing all the moves”

Taka (lower) Takka really enjoyed the golfing lesson at Vinpearl

Leo (upper) “I like the library because there are lots of books and it is quiet so I can relax”

Annie (upper) “The water fight was best because we got to play with the younger kids”

I would like to thank all the parents for their support and feedback throughout this week. I really enjoyed getting to know your children and meeting most of you. Welcome to the HAIS family.

Stephanie Miller
HAIS Summer School 2019 Principal

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