HAIS Summer School Headlines #2

Hello parents!

This week was art-themed and the children got to stretch their creative muscles and get messy! Our kids loved getting their hands dirty and were especially thrilled when they were visited by teachers from The Pottery Village, who showed our kids how to sculpt clay. We made lanterns and started art classes with Ms. Tashma, where the kids are working on creating an outfit from recycled materials, which they will showcase in our end of summer camp fashion show.  We had one of our very own henna artists, Ms. Van who shared her passion for henna with the kids, which they thoroughly enjoyed. They loved the henna designs so much that they have continued with their art throughout the week! A highlight for our upper-level students were having their little indoor cinema, where they got to enjoy a movie and some popcorn with their classmates. To end off our week, our team decided to spoil our students to an amazing spa day, where our summer campers could swim, have foot massages and manicures and enjoy delicious tropical fruit drinks.

From the kids:

Lucie: I liked the movie because I love spiderman and popcorn. Also the henna art!

Minh: I like the library because there are so many books.

Jaewon: “The pools were so fun!”

Maica: “I liked the foot massage, it felt good”

May: “I loved painting a mountain and some flowers”

Jack and Anju: “We loved the pools!”

Long: “I liked painting on the big paper!”

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