Please join us for an IGCSE Secondary Information Session on Thursday May 11th from 4.30 PM – 5.30 PM at the HAIS Campus.

We welcome current HAIS Year 9 students & parents and prospective families from within our community, to attend an IGCSE presentation where we will provide important information about what IGCSEs are, what learning at the IGCSE level is like, and what subjects we will offer for the next academic year. You will also be provided with an IGCSE Information Booklet to take home and discuss further with your child. This information evening is designed for students who will be joining the Year 10 cohort for the 2023-2024 academic year.

Upper Secondary is an important growth area for students where they are given the opportunity to select their own specialist subjects and encouraged to lean into their strengths. Students are excited to be granted the autonomy of mapping out their own education and working towards their future goals.

At HAIS, we coach and support all of our students through this decision-making process whether their passions lie in sports, arts, science or commerce. We consider each individual and their separate interests, their learning style and where they see themselves in the future. We are excited to be adding to our IGCSE subjects for the next academic year, which will allow students to further follow their passions and interests.

This is a delicate age for students to feel empowered to back themselves, be supported in their decisions and be connected to their peers and teachers, and we are excited to share our curriculum, and teaching philosophy, as well as answer any questions.

See you there.


The Black Box

HAIS Campus

24 Phan Ba Phien, Tan An, Hoi An.