Words: Ms Hannah | Secondary Learning Lead

The third week of August brings around a long-awaited day for our year 11 class of 2022-2023… IGCSE results.

The suspense of this day has been building since June when students finished their final examinations. For many, it’s a day of both excitement and nerves, wondering if their hard work has paid off. 

And for our wonderful students, it certainly did! Our cohort achieved an impressive 89% A* – C grades. Many students surpassed expectations and collected a number of top grades for their IGCSE qualifications. 

These results reflect the diligent and determined attitude of our students. Top IGCSE results are not obtained overnight but are earned when students apply themselves to the two year course, when they approach their studies with focus and a positive attitude.

At HAIS, we are incredibly proud of all our students’ results. For some students, this may be achieving those top results and for others, it’s about achieving their personal academic potential. This class started their IGCSEs in year 10 studying online, with COVID ramifications and lockdowns making access to school impossible. They have faced and overcome many challenges in their school journey. And while we are very proud of their academic achievements, we are also very proud of their personal achievements and the kind, mature and empathic young people they have grown to be. 

With their IGCSE qualifications under their belts, our graduating class of 2023 are embarking on many different pathways. We are lucky to have a number of students continuing their educational journeys at HAIS and starting their A Level studies in our year 12 class. We have students who are travelling overseas to continue their studies in a new country, and students who are embarking on A Level studies and foundation bridging courses in Vietnam. We wish all of our students the best of luck and are grateful that we were able to support them in obtaining the IGCSE qualifications needed to continue their journeys.

This is also a time to thank the wonderful IGCSE teaching team at HAIS who have supported, mentored and guided our students to their achievements and successes. This support was not only delivered in the bounds of everyday classes, but extended to extra revision classes, holiday revision lessons, and pastoral support and encouragement to help students manage exam stress and anxiety. 

So, it’s time to congratulate our graduating class of 2023 once more. We cannot wait to see your continued academic and personal growth.

Here’s to the class of 2023!