In establishing Hoi An International School (HAIS) my goal was not to open a profitable business. I wanted to build a school for my own children, a school where I knew every child living in Hoi An could have a an opportunity for a good education and experience joy every morning when went to school. HAIS aims for an open education, balancing between developing academic and life skills, awakening the creative energy and joy within each child.

The HAIS education program balances international educational strengths with Vietnamese cultural values, creating harmony in global education.

In Hoi An, HAIS is a cozy, friendly, open-minded school, especially in the medium size. I want to be able to connect and create an environment where everyone from parents to students can talk and share with each other every time they meet. And HAIS is not only a school but also a home and a community that connects friends all over Vietnam and the world gathered with the same educational vision, sharing of knowledge and spreading love, sustainable and happy development.


Ms. Tran Hanh An


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Dear parents, students, families and friends of Hoi An International School,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our school website.

At Hoi An International School, our mission is to ‘nurture and meet the individual needs of our students in a supportive, community-minded and responsible environment’. We are an inclusive community that aims to inspire, motivate and challenge while being firmly committed to the academic and personal growth of all students.

Students learn best in a safe and caring environment which caters for individual differences and challenges each student to reach their potential.  Small class sizes are imperative to enable teachers to keep on top of the needs of each student and to ensure that academic growth and personal wellbeing is being maintained. Such approaches to learning are essential if each student is to achieve at levels that are commensurate with ability and grow into reflective, creative and responsible global citizens.

In addition to learning in the classroom there are a myriad of opportunities on offer at HAIS and students are encouraged to participate in these. We promote a balanced lifestyle that allows time for learning but also for participation in sport and Extra Curricular Activities and most importantly time to relax with family and friends.

Research has highlighted that the effective mastery of social and emotional competencies is associated not only with greater wellbeing, but also a better performance at school. Therefore, supporting the wellbeing of each of our students is central to who we are, and we work together with families to assist students to achieve their personal best in all that they do.  It is the encouragement of adventure and play that builds creativity and imagination, develops social skills, improves physical and social/emotional wellbeing and builds a child’s sense of confidence and independence.

At HAIS we also focus on developing, in all our students, an unshakable social conscience with the capacity to make sound ethical decisions. We value the relationships we have developed with our families and the wider community and will continue working to further enhance constructive partnerships with our families and friends, regional charities, local and international schools and local businesses. 

I am very proud to be the Principal of Hoi An International School where we genuinely believe that each of our students has a unique gift to share with the world.

I encourage you to make contact to see what we can offer you and your family.


Brett Macdouall


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I am proud and excited to join HAIS as the new Vice Principal International for the 2020/2021 academic year. With my nine years of experience in teaching and leading Cambridge learners, I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in leading successful literacy initiatives, a personal passion of mine. This
knowledge, experience, and passion are the perfect complement to joining a team of dedicated educators who share a strong commitment to academic and pastoral excellence. We look to engage, not only our students, parents, staff, and leaders, but the entire Hoi An/Danang community and beyond as
HAIS now offers boarding services with the opportunity for students from all over Vietnam and other countries as well to enjoy and study in the idyllic setting and charm of central coastal Vietnam.
This year HAIS welcomes its inaugural cohort of IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) students. This rigorous two-year course of study will culminate in students sitting their formal IGCSE examinations in Spring 2022. This essential qualification is the first step towards university studies and I am proud to be part of our devoted team of accomplished Cambridge IGCSE teachers who will be guiding this initial group in achieving successful results.


Dear to HAIS Parents, Students and Guests.

I wish you a very warm welcome.
It has become very clear that a unique combination of factors are driving schools that offer bilingual education programs to reflect on best practice and adjust with the ever changing nature of cultural balances. When seeking to enhance our own Bilingual Program at HAIS I considered a number of needs amongst our HAIS community: student integration, heightened expectations and increasing cultural diversity. I now truly feel that the BIlingual Program we offer is unique, and with the dedication of our expert educators and high quality leadership, will lead our students on an exciting learning journey that exceeds expectations.

For the new school year HAIS has made it a key priority to improve the quality of our Bilingual Program. From the perspective of an educator, I earnestly want to preserve the cultural identity of Vietnamese people for my students, which we can achieve by following the curriculum of the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam. The curriculum promotes learning to be practical, applicable to our environment and honoring of the beauty of Vietnam and Vietnamese people. In addition to this solid foundation of Vietnamese education, the integrated language of English is also included in the curriculum with equivalent prominence. English is utilised as the mode of communication for the core subjects Maths and Science for half of the Vietnamese curriculum coverage, all delivered by qualified international teachers. Moreover, bilingual students will collaborate with their International friends in the single subject classes of Music, Sports, Art and Drama. All of this will help immerse our bilingual cohort in an English language environment, helping students communicate with increasing confidence and coherence.

Nguyen Quoc Anh Thu


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Welcome to Hoi An International School. 

HAIS is about both its people and its place. 

Through strong values, our administrators, teachers, campus staff, and parents stand out for their commitment to creating a community-orientated environment and working as a team to create a sustainable future for our children. Our school benefits from not only its inextricable connection to Hoi An, but also its world-class teachers that set a global standard for academic excellence. 

We welcome you to join us; drawn from all over the world, to teach, perform, create, and study in a place where everyone belongs.


Ms. Amanda Gustin 


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