I would firstly like to thank all the families that were a part of the first year at Hoi An International School and welcome all the new and prospective parents through our green gates. When I built the school the idea was not to make a profit but to give my own children the very best education possible and to open the doors to many other parents wanting the same. This aim was filtered into the building of our campus, where I tried to combine the vision of holistic education with the heritage of Hoi An by preserving the existing structure and creating an environment that was functional, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

I, alongside many other parents, understand that a good education provides our children with knowledge of the world around them and gives them the opportunity to change it into something better. It allows our children to develop a different way of looking at life and enables them to analyze their decision-making process. At Hais, our aim is to provide our students with the necessary tools to fulfill these dreams and to impact the lives of those around them.

Our families are at the heart of who we are, and we encourage this by allowing each and every one of our community members to have a voice. Our grounds were built with our families and the broader Hoi An community in mind, thus providing each and everyone with a space that would feel like home.

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Welcome to a new school year at HAIS where we continue to develop a warm and innovative family of students, teachers, parents and support staff.

HAIS is a unique and vibrant place filled with opportunities for students to learn about our world and their place in it using both indoor and outdoor settings.

We at HAIS care passionately – about excellent learning and teaching, about learning for life, about education – but most of all we care passionately about the children in our care and their development into respectful, responsible lifelong learners.

We know that children have a range of different needs, both educational and emotional, and our multinational staff will work together with families to cater for these requirements. Your children and their successes are at the heart of all the planning and teaching preparations undertaken by our committed staff.

We believe that if children feel happy and secure they will flourish and grow as individuals, whether through academic and pastoral engagement in the rich curriculum or through our focus on shared values.


Working with the skilled HAIS staff, and committed families, I am confident that we will realise and further develop the vision and philosophy that is the foundation of the school.

Sue Donaldson

HAIS Principal

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Dear Parents and Students,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our school website.

At Hoi An International School our mission is to ‘spark curiosity and inquiry, while developing core values and 21st century skills in all of our students’. We are an inclusive community that aims to inspire, motivate and challenge while being firmly committed to the academic and personal growth of all students.

Supporting the individual wellbeing of students is not only central to who we are but is paramount in allowing every young learner to thrive as they work towards achieving their personal best.

We understand that the effective mastery of social and emotional competencies is associated not only with greater wellbeing, but also better school performance. As such our wellbeing programs at HAIS are integrated into the curriculum and structural organisation of the school so as to meet each students personal, social and academic needs.


HAIS values not only strong relationships within the school but also intrinsic connections with the broader Hoi An community. We help to develop, in all our students, an unshakable social conscience and the capacity of our students to make ethical decisions. We also value and work hard to develop constructive partnerships and connections with our parents, regional charities, local and international schools and local businesses.

With over 20 years as an educator, with the majority of that at a Senior Leadership Level, I am both proud and excited to be a part of this vibrant and amazing community. At HAIS we truly believe that each of our students has a gift to share with the world and each member of our dedicated staff works hard each day to unlock and develop their potential.

I encourage you to make contact to see what we can offer you and your family.

Best Regards,

Brett Macdouall

HAIS Vice-Principal

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