Learning Enhancement at HAIS

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At HAIS, we are very proud of our Learning Enhancement Programme and it is one of the aspects that sets us apart from other International and local schools. So, what is learning enhancement and why is it important? Simply put, learning enhancement is about ensuring that everyone is able to learn effectively, and experience success no matter what their ability or aptitude. It benefits all students and encourages our staff to teach to the highest level.

Learning Enhancement at HAIS

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Our Learning Enhancement Programme aims to maximise these strengths and give students opportunities to push and challenge themselves. Equally, we need to ensure areas of weakness are supported effectively and both teachers and students are given appropriate resources and strategies to overcome any difficulties.

This year there will be many exciting events and initiatives. Here are a few highlights:

In November, we will be taking part in the Primary Maths Challenge, which is open to schools worldwide. It involves students solving 25 math problems that are at the highest level.  It provides a genuine challenge for even our most able mathematicians. Last year, we were thrilled that 2 of our students were given Gold Awards and this year we hope for even more!

A group of Year 4, 5 and 6 students have worked on their problem solving skills in weekly Maths Enrichment classes over the last academic year. In these sessions the students were introduced to a wide range of questions and problem solving strategies including: being systematic, trial and improvement, and even algebra. The students have really enjoyed pushing themselves, tackling questions that they thought were almost impossible.

Tournament of Minds will continue to be a popular part of the ECA programme. As well as being a lot of fun, it encourages students to think ‘outside the box’, collaborate with others and communicate their ideas effectively. Each week, students will be given novel challenges to develop their thinking skills and creativity. Our Tournament of Minds programme is based on the world renowned curriculum and competition which originated in Australia. There are currently 10 branches worldwide and we hope to add Vietnam to the list.

Learning Enhancement at HAIS
Tournament of Minds will continue to be a popular part of the ECA programme

Last year, we took our first step in setting up the Vietnam branch of Tournament of Minds by holding our very first in-house Tournament of Minds competition in April. This was a huge success and was enjoyed by the whole school. Twelve students showed great determination and imagination in designing a toy from recycled materials and creating an advert of their design. It was a close competition and we are very proud of them all.

This year, we will build on this by extending our competition to Secondary students as well as Primary students. We look forward to more students getting involved in this challenging event. We are working towards an inter-school competition when travel restrictions are lifted.

At HAIS, we are keen to see consistent, research based methods used throughout the school. This year sees a focus on our Phonics programme in the Early Years and both Bilingual and International Primary. There are a wide range of high quality materials available online as well as books, games and hands on materials, like magnetic letters. We have selected the best resources available and our teaching team has mapped out a clear structure that will ensure consistency and progression between year groups. Our aim will be to promote multisensory learning which is proven to be effective in ensuring all students are able to learn to read and spell efficiently.  Strong literacy skills are vital for students to succeed in all areas of the curriculum. The programme includes active learning and hands-on activities which we know are so important in making learning both engaging and accessible for our young students.

We are very excited to see what this academic year will bring and to see our students thrive as they are given opportunities to achieve their personal best.

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