HAIS Headlines – Week 36

The Pool at HAIS

One of the frustrations of home-learning was the inability of our students to utilise our amazing campus pool. But this week, we finally saw some of the students ‘break the water’ and begin their swimming programme. Not only is HAIS now able to offer a tailored learn-to-swim programme to our students, but starting in the new Academic Year the pool will become an instrumental piece in the HAIS Wellbeing Precinct.

Fitness, Water Safety, Life Saving Skills, Squad Swimming – all key ingredients in what is bound to become an area of focus and enjoyment for many of our students. Not only does swimming offer physiological benefits but numerous studies have also shown it offerspsychological benefits as well particularly in young people who are transitioning from childhood to adolescence. As a truly International School, HAIS is proud to be able to have this facility available to our students and is excited to be able to maximise its use now, and leading into the future.

Mr. Brett, Vice-Principal

Time Brings Us Closer Together

Returning to the school has brought a lot of happiness to the children. It has allowed them to learn and play with their friends. We have been learning about and appreciating all the beautiful things we can see and do in Vietnam. We have also been learning about other countries in the world too. We introduced the children to our great leader “Uncle Ho”. Students feel the beauty and the love of the country through art and playing different folk games. They also interacted with real Vietnamese money to which Dylan said, “I see Uncle Ho on all of the notes”.

Building on our Global Perspectives, we learned all about time-zones and observed how time differs from country to country depending on the different time-zones. In addition to this, we also learned some interesting new vocabulary from around the school. The students loved learning about horticulture in particular, and the students were super excited to put this new found vocabulary to good use in the garden and elsewhere around the school. Our little friends are looking forward to welcoming back Paige and Di to play folk games together.

Ms. Vy and Mr. Jo, Kindergarten Teachers

100 Days in Class

Welcome back to school Grade One International!

We have all missed you SO much and love to see your smiling faces again on campus!

In Grade One International, we have been wrapping up our imagination unit, although we will continually be on the lookout for things that “spark” our ideas and imagination when playing, creating, drawing, building, writing and more.

During home learning, grade one international had been introduced to the big idea that ‘Our use of materials and resources impact the planet.’ Students will be learning through concepts such as systems, innovation, design, cycles and sorting. As a class, we have begun to inquire into materials and how their properties affect their use. We will inquire into where resources come from and what happens to them once we use them. We will also take an environmentally friendly approach into how resources impact the planet and how we can use resources responsibly in our day to day lives.

This unit will be heavily science based but we will also be integrating language, such as ‘how to’ write and mathematical strands (such as measurement) into each learning engagement. The students have begun to explore the various materials that we have been collecting in our classroom. We have been discovering that the possibility to reuse materials is endless. Stay tuned for design challenges and science experiments!

On Friday, we celebrated the 100th day that students have been IN class. Although we continuously moved forward with our online learning, way past 100 days of school, it is something to celebrate being together in person for 100 days! The math that we have been learning from counting every day has been meaningful and fun.

“Have a safe and restful weekend everyone!”

Ms. Ainsley, Grade 1 Teacher

Inspirational Comradery at HAIS

We’ve had yet another wonderful week on campus as we welcomed more students back. The sound of children’s laughter fills the air once again. Playground chatter fills what was a silent garden for some months. Cogs and wheels can be heard whirring as learning continues. Sighs of relief and shrieks of excitement are heard as the children express their gratitude for one another and excitement to be able to play together once again.

Sports morning creates many opportunities for students to collaborate with children from other grade levels. The comradery is beyond heartwarming. Well done to all involved and to Mr. Jeff for organising such an eventful morning.

A gentle reminder to parents that summer assessments will take place next week, May 18th-22nd. Please ensure that your child gets a good night of sleep each night, is well hydrated and eats nutritious meals. Exercise is important too!

“Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one” – Dr. Seuss.

Ms. Aoife, Grade 3/4 Teacher

Crossing Classrooms

After reading The Outsiders in English class,Year 8 students chose a character from the novel to study in depth. They gathered information on their character’s physical and personality traits from the text. Then, for Art Class, students used their information to create a character identity illustration. Students practiced visual communication skills by portraying character traits through gesture, setting, objects, and color. This wonderful illustration is by Year 8 student, Tabitha King.

Ms. Amanda Deibert, Art Teacher

Scholarship Test Day

This morning got even more exciting as we welcomed our scholarship candidates and parents from Danang and Hoi An through our green gate for examination day.

After meeting with Mr. Brett, our Vice Principal and Ms. An, our Founder, the Year 4, Year 7 and Year 10 applicants were led by Mr. Alex, our Secondary Learning Lead and Cambridge Coordinator to the examination room. The tests covered the subjects of Science, Math and English. They had a little break for snacks and water in between the tests.

While students were doing the exams, we took parents around our campus to see the facilities and we were so happy that parents really loved the campus.

The results will be sent home to parents early next week and we will invite the selected candidates for the interview on the 22nd of May.

We are looking forward to seeing our talented candidates again!”

Ms.Trang Leo Nguyen, Admissions Coordinator

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