House System

The school has 3 Houses: Dragon, Buffalo, and Phoenix. All Early Years – Year 11 students and academic staff take an active part in House activities. All students become a member of a House when they enter the school and are encouraged to participate in House activities. Siblings are placed in the same House. House allocations are determined at the time of enrolment, and once a student is assigned to a house, they may not change during the course of their academic career at HAIS




HAIS Teams

Students wishing to be a part of these teams must fulfil the tryout criteria and exhibit drive, dedication and academic excellence. For more information, please contact our Administration Office.

HAIS Swim Team

HAIS Basketball Team

Extracurricular Activities (ECAs)

Extracurricular life at HAIS includes a variety of clubs and student organisations ranging from academic or special interest groups, to social or community-service related involvement. At the beginning of each term, students will have an opportunity to enroll in the ECA programme. The ECA programme will run from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday.

Field Trips

HAIS offers field trips under faculty supervision. When possible, these are scheduled during the academic day and are related to the curriculum. HAIS encourages and expects students and all members of our community to aspire to the highest standards of behaviour. Students are expected to uphold these standards of the school at all times and have a responsibility to encourage their peers to do the same. When out in the community, we all represent HAIS and want to leave a positive impression wherever we go. Students must wear their HAIS sports uniform or HAIS academic uniform as part of their dress on excursions. Parents are required to sign permission slips for their children to join any off-campus event during school hours. Students will not be allowed to participate without written parental permission.

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