Our Campus

Hoi An International School is one of the first purpose-built campuses in Hoi An. When building our campus, we combined our vision of holistic education with the heritage of Hoi An. Our vision was to preserve the existing Hoi An structure and to create an environment that was functional, environmentally friendly and sustainable. This could only be achieved by up-cycling and reusing existing materials that mirror our school ethos even today.

Our grounds have been specially designed to incorporate spaces where students can gain hands-on experience in shaping their natural environment while focusing on their academics, creativity, and living a healthy lifestyle.

Our grounds are lined with lush gardens and feature large, open spaces, giving our students a place where they can learn in a safe, spacious and healthy environment. In addition to our separate, newly equipped facilities for Early Years, Primary, and Secondary, our campus features a multilingual library, indoor and outdoor sporting facilities, music and art studios, a dance studio, Makerspace, science laboratory, nurse’s room, auditorium, and a newly built swimming pool. Making this the perfect space to cater to every student’s interest and passion.

Our team of dedicated, passionate educators have been selected to deliver high-quality education to our students. We have a diverse and truly international staff, bringing with them fresh ideas, best practice, and a wide range of personal passions. Our unique curricula are designed to allow students to acquire knowledge, build understanding, develop critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills to prepare them for the 21st century. We also aim to instill within them a passion for lifelong learning, a respect for diversity, and a sense of stewardship towards the environment.