Our Leadership

Our Leadership Team is comprised of inspiring individuals, who nurture and transform through their strong guidance and direction. They embody the school's Vision, Mission, and Values. Our leaders are actively engaged in the daily school operations, and deeply involved in the academic and pastoral development of each student, ensuring and enhancing our rigorous quality of education and holistic approach to a child’s growth.

Ms Tran Hanh An


In establishing Hoi An International School (HAIS), my goal was not to open a profitable business. I wanted to build a school not only for my own children but also for the community. A school where I knew children living in Hoi An could have an opportunity for a good education and experience joy every morning when they went to school. HAIS aims for an open education; balancing between developing academic and life skills, awakening the creative energy and joy within each child.

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Mr Brett Macdouall


Dear parents, students, families and friends of Hoi An International School,

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our school website.

At Hoi An International School, our mission is to ‘nurture and meet the individual needs of our students in a supportive, community-minded and responsible environment’. We are an inclusive community that aims to inspire, motivate and challenge while being firmly committed to the academic and personal growth of all students.

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Mr Nguyen Luan

Bilingual Principal

Mr Balint Kocsis

International Vice Principal

HAIS has shown a resilient and persevering attitude during this past year and our hard work has shown great benefits. We had our first IGCSE candidate complete his exams with excellent results and we are preparing our next cohort for their IGCSE exams this year. We have now completed a makeover of our secondary school with a new, state-of-the-art science lab, a spacious, naturally well-lit art studio, and a brand new combined drama studio and music room which can be transformed into a mini theatre. While we have encountered challenging times, HAIS has consistently risen to each challenge and continues to grow and improve.

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Ms Ve Thi Hanh

Bilingual Vice Principal

Ms Kelsie Lawson

Head of Administration

For the past few years, I have visited Hoi An and been reminded of my small hometown in the United States. I dreamed of having the opportunity to move to Hoi An and looked on with envy as colleagues and friends moved to this area. HAIS has now fulfilled my dream!

I am honoured to represent Hoi An International School as the Head of Administration. HAIS is truly a place where students are nurtured and encouraged to be the best version of themselves possible.

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Ms Tran Thi Phuc

Principal's Asssitant

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